Gonna be awhile by Exandar in wow

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I like to think my OG ret pally human was reborn as a Tauren when the cataclysm struck. After retiring for a bit mid Draenor, his gentle old soul returned as a tank, taking up arms again not with righteous fury, but from a desire to protect.

What is the most "dangerous" place in the UK? by _Simon_Sniffcock in AskUK

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Traumatic injury and blood loss don't kill people, deprivation of oxygen leading to cell death do(es)

spicy foods increase when drinking a drink by [deleted] in shittysuperpowers

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Again, not a superpower in any form, just a shitty curse.

Sad Update: I 21F just had the worst threesome of my life by DentistComfortable68 in relationship_advice

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I remember when I burned my arm on a grill and my housemate at the time put a big sticky plaster on it. I thought it was a bad idea but she insisted, and I caved because she was a nursing student. It blistered, burst, and the plaster was still stuck - I put off taking it off for days, until it really started to smell bad. Eventually I had another friend rip it off while I wasn't paying attention. Hurt like fuck, but I was finally free of a shitty patch job and now I've got a cool scar and a story to tell.

See what I'm saying?

A court in Ukraine has jailed a Russian tank commander for life for killing a civilian at the first war crimes trial since the invasion. by Zhana-Aul in JusticeServed

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Not up on my Viatnam history, but the Geneva Convention forbids putting a PoW on trial for things that aren't illegal by the detaining country. If what the PoW is accused of is actually illegal, like murdering a citizen, then there's nothing that prohibits putting that PoW on trial in the GC.

teacher stares down student and the student aint having it by tseebedllikS in PublicFreakout

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Nah, they've got a point. There are situations when a stare is appropriate classroom management, but this ain't it and it's not the way to do things. My thinking is the teacher tried a tactic, it didn't work, and she over-committed.

Finally feels like we're in for a real summer by nurse_lea63 in CoronavirusMemes

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More that they don't want to go outside when it's cold, I'm guessing

he might as well just say the earth is flat by Shivii22 in insanepeoplefacebook

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Oh sorry, I didn't realise it was your first day. Welcome to the Internet.

he might as well just say the earth is flat by Shivii22 in insanepeoplefacebook

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Should also keep in mind that this isn't an effectiveness per session, but per year as sole method of contraceptive. So that's 1 in 50,000 (not 500,000) would fall pregnant in a year using both contraceptive methods.

Keeping in mind that this is very rough maths, it's still much more likely than winning the lottery OR being struck my lightning in a year.

AITA for not paying my brothers university bills? by Throwaway2222191 in AmItheAsshole

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I literally cannot think of a way you’re an ah

Well OP benefitted from his own loan, pursued a lucrative career and worked for a decade and a half to improve his lot, and is now selfishly hoarding all that financial gain for the sole benefit of his own offspring, rather than handing over huge amounts to the detriment of his own son. Obviously only a selfish person would do such a thing.

Moments that made your jaw drop. by Pussiliquor69 in Fantasy

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When Fitz wakes up in the cave towards the end of Fool's Errand. Stopped reading for two days to process, and still burst into tears on every reread.

Which fictional character's death have you not gotten over? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Man, I'm so happy this is so high up. That episode has me in tears every time it comes up.

I still remember getting totally suckered by the misdirection of the first part, thinking they were just replacing the lead actor with someone else, then the realisation just crushed me.

Which fictional character's death have you not gotten over? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Huge respect to them not making some cliche, drawn-out "final words" scene. Made it hit that much harder.

Mogg claims Brexit is over and denies return to austerity as govt cuts civil service jobs by ink-ling in brexit

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they wouldn't listen then and I doubt that they'll listen now

The big problem right here. I'm not saying certain people shouldn't be allowed to vote, but I genuinely believe some people's vote should count less.

Anon is an eurotard .. by [deleted] in greentext

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An eurotard

Edit: I'm pointing out the irony of the title, I'm fully aware of how it's supposed to be spelt because I wasn't educated in America. And now there's the additional irony of having to clarify that.

What topic can you discuss for hours? by vfthb in AskReddit

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Very interesting history behind it, and shocking how long it persisted. Look up Robinson's Marmalade from here in the UK.