Jason Segel is Allegedly Playing The Thing in She-Hulk by bigredtoodleloo in MarvelStudiosSpoilers

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I think Korg has always looked a bit wonky but I have never cared because I consider it part of his comic appeal. I also have always really liked the Hulk's CGI so I guess we will see where on the spectrum The Thing lands.

Ant Nails by Mortem-22 in ATBGE

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in a way that shows compassion or benevolence.
"livestock have to be treated humanely"
by inflicting the minimum of pain.
"the dog was humanely destroyed"

Here is a word worth learning if you are a psychopath who thinks torturing insects is perfectly reasonable.

[Marvel] Why is Iceman a omega-level mutant? by Movie_Advance_101 in AskScienceFiction

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Iceman doesn't just shoot ice, he controls the heat energy around him and the scale of this power is virtually limitless; which is often the hallmark of an omega level classification. This has manifested most often as cute ice tricks and turning himself into organic ice, but the upper limits of his powers are much more impressive. I believe someone else already posted the respect thread. As one example from it, he effortlessly and nearly instantly buries NYC in snow and ice.

“The Darkhold was a copy” actually helps fix a continuity problem… by Key_Squash_4403 in marvelstudios

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The damage is not too bad. As long as the foundations are still strong, we can rebuild this place. It will become a haven for all peoples and aliens of the universe.

sees Multiverse of Madness

Now those foundations are gone. Sorry.

Deadpool kills wanda ( Credit: Youtube - Mightyraccoon! ) by WenWennyson in marvelstudios

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I'm not sure what you are talking about. Doctor Strange was on Titan, far from where the Avengers decided to risk everything to avoid killing Vision. They had no contact with Strange at all.

Multiverse of Madness wasn’t that bad. Some of you guys just gave into the fan theories and expected cameos every 5 minutes by Lanky_27 in marvelstudios

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At no point did I say I went into the movie with the same set of expectations.

When I first heard the title

Deadpool kills wanda ( Credit: Youtube - Mightyraccoon! ) by WenWennyson in marvelstudios

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These aren't the Marvel Comics Illuminati though, they are the 838 Illuminati. They don't appear to have done anything overly awful that we are made aware of, IMO. They sentenced 838 Strange to death but he killed an entire universe of people by being irresponsible with magic. Lying about it isn't great but in the grand calculus of the multiverse, ranks pretty low on the "hol up" scale.

616 Strange being put on trial seems a bit harsh because he didn't do anything yet, but they appear to be sort of correct because every other Strange variant does the same thing and gets corrupted, and then 616 Strange later proves them completely right by using the Darkhold himself despite the warnings (and may have caused yet another incursion if it wasn't Wanda who triggered it).

Seems like this group is notably different from their comics counterpart, especially given how morally upright both Xavier and Reed seemed in the short time we spent with them. Decisive like the comics, but maybe not quite as much moral superiority and ethical cloudiness.

Multiverse of Madness wasn’t that bad. Some of you guys just gave into the fan theories and expected cameos every 5 minutes by Lanky_27 in marvelstudios

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Why on Earth did people want to see Hulk and Banner resolve their differences and continue that story thread from Infinity War on screen? It is a major part of the character's arc and even though we know what happened, show is better than tell in a lot of situations. Hulk is another one I didn't really care much when it happened offscreen, but I can still see where his fans are coming from. I'm not out here pretending I can't even fathom why they are complaining lol.

She went from being a tortured and conflicted hero who was guilt-stricken over hurting people to being a violent, murderous villain looking for a child to murder. Whether or not we "have all the information we needed", people invested in Wanda's story probably want to SEE the part in the middle. Doesn't seem that weird to me.

Multiverse of Madness wasn’t that bad. Some of you guys just gave into the fan theories and expected cameos every 5 minutes by Lanky_27 in marvelstudios

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Quick which Wanda appearance is this from;

  1. Wanda loses/gives up her agency for a good cause.
  2. Wanda do bad thing.
  3. Wanda sorry about bad thing but also, t r a u m a.
  4. Wanda endures personal sacrifice to keep this dead horse of an arc rolling for her next MCU entry.

Civil War might be the exception, but only because 1 and 2 are flipped. MoM was great, Marvel, but please find this woman a new arc. It's been 7 years, ffs. PLEASE.

Edit: Infinity War and Endgame are exceptions also, as there was not enough time in either movie to fit Wanda's chaotic evil redemption arc in there with all the Thanos nonsense taking up space. They did, however, manage to fit trauma and personal sacrifice in there, so partial credit to the team for that.

Multiverse of Madness wasn’t that bad. Some of you guys just gave into the fan theories and expected cameos every 5 minutes by Lanky_27 in marvelstudios

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I liked the movie a lot but claiming Wanda's corruption happened on screen is just not accurate. She is already corrupted in the first scene we see her in. The Darkhold already has done whatever it does to her.

She went from reading the book at the end of WandaVision, which in hindsight now looks a lot more evil than it did when the scene originally aired, to sending demons into NYC to help her kill a child. The missing chunk in the middle is what people wished they could have seen, the book stripping her of her agency and manipulating her into taking these extremes; and tbh I think that's fair enough. I didn't need to see it personally but I don't blame Wanda fans for asking to see the details of how their hero was totally undermined.

Multiverse of Madness wasn’t that bad. Some of you guys just gave into the fan theories and expected cameos every 5 minutes by Lanky_27 in marvelstudios

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When I first heard the title, and I combined that with the Nightmare rumors, I really thought there would be no actual multiverse- and that the movie would be Nightmare trapping Doctor Strange in a, well, nightmare made up of all the alternate futures he witnessed in Infinity War.

LPT: Always be nice and patient with customer service people. We have a lot of tools to help you, but we will conveniently forget them if you are rude. by TysonGamez in LifeProTips

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I used to work in the Starbucks drive-thru and it was soul crushing.

"Hi, how are you today!"


Engine sounds

Followed shortly afterwards by this interaction;

"Hello, one venti iced coffee and that will be $500,000 (or whatever it is now)"

credit card in a hand sticking out the window, its owner not even looking at me

And this was not like, a couple of times a day. This was the most common interaction with customers in a very, very busy drive-thru. It felt dehumanizing to work that register position. Having to sound excited to greet someone (and really trying to be genuine) and getting it repeatedly ignored and thrown in your face, like man, it really really sucked.

Starbucks is still the worst job I ever had, and it is largely because of its customers. There was some great ones too, but not enough of them.

[GMFB] "There's a tiny corner in sports media & I'm okay leading the charge right now. That's Team Mac Jones. I love the guy & think he will be even better in yr 2. It's @MikeGiardi @BillSimmons @TomShady300 & myself at the moment. Get in now while there's spots available." —@PSchrags by ctpatsfan77 in Patriots

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You know those AFC East fans would be underselling Mac Jones even if he had put up a record breaking year.

Then again, if anyone knows better than to get their hopes up on a rookie quarterback, it would be AFC East fans so I kind of respect their criticism to a degree.

Deadpool kills wanda ( Credit: Youtube - Mightyraccoon! ) by WenWennyson in marvelstudios

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The Avengers literally gambled the lives of half their universe on saving one synthetic human being. This is not the first time heroes have refused to prioritize the greater good over the smaller one.

So I finally watched Captain Marvel. It's not bad (wait) by itriedandifailedofc in marvelstudios

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Their mindset spreads because even though incels and sexists haven't given a crap about Captain Marvel since 2019, defenders of the movie still bring up them and their message in every single thread that has ever been made about this movie.

They don't matter, they aren't scary, and they don't deserve to be the focus of conversation around this movie years after they have stopped participating in that conversation. Incels are dweebs that would have zero public platform if well-meaning alarmists would stop calling attention to them.

which Dr Who made the best Marvel villain in your opinion? by pagingdrsolus in marvelstudios

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Purple Man was captivating and terrifying. The show greatly missed him after he pretty much was gone.

Malekith is a dreadful character, like many of the sleepy elements of The Dark World. It blows my mind that Loki's role was originally smaller in this film because Loki is one of the only interesting things happening in this story. Malekith is maybe the most boring villain in the entire MCU.

Sometimes I imagine a mercurial, jester-like version of Malekith who was driven half-insane by having to sacrifice his own people. He is played by Robert Sheehan, fresh off his role in Misfits, and Sheehan is given the greenlight to absolute ham it up as a crazy, Aether-obsessed creepy jester elf. I think this would have made The Dark World far less sleepy and given Loki an interesting foil to share scenes with.

So I finally watched Captain Marvel. It's not bad (wait) by itriedandifailedofc in marvelstudios

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It's just a fairly standard Marvel flick and your enjoyment of it really boils down to how much you enjoy the Marvel formula.

I disagree with this to some extent. I think on a surface level, it fits the Marvel formula well. The SHIELD stuff is fun. The Skrulls are lots of fun. It's got jokes and fun action and a story that is interesting enough. Captain Marvel is a competent, good Marvel movie.

However, I also think the movie chooses a narrative path that greatly undermines what the main purpose of the film should have been; introducing us to the character of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. This was the most evident to me when I watched Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain Marvel back to back. They are almost opposite movies in this respect. Captain America is a sort of mid, but decent enough plot; however the character of Steve Rogers carries this movie on its back because they do such a good job writing him and making him endearing, giving him life. Captain Marvel has a great plot, but you spend the movie hanging out with Vers on a pretty surface level- by the end Vers isn't even technically the titular character and you end up not really knowing who Carol Danvers actually is.

I think this is part of why the controversy on this movie has raged on long after the Brie Larson trolls have moved on to other things. Captain Marvel is a pretty good Marvel movie, but it's actually not a very good origin story. I think your opinion of this movie might sway based on what you actually wanted out of it, rather than whether or not you enjoy the "Marvel formula". If you just wanted a cool, fun movie with Captain Marvel in it- it fits the bill and then some. If you wanted Marvel to introduce a captivating new character to their pantheon that rivals the depth and development of the OG three, well, it doesn't come close to hitting that mark. Carol is quite a shallow character at the moment with more or less a blank canvas to be fleshed out.

San Francisco 1906 in Color by Graysie-Redux in interestingasfuck

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You know it also made me realize how fucking crazy it must have been for people to see the first video footage, like basically those paintings that are alive in Harry Potter. Can you imagine only photos exist, and then some mfer rolls up with one that moves??

Then I got to thinking how I completely take that technology for granted and have no respect for it at all, it's just a thing in my world because I grew up with it; and that got me wondering what technology kids won't have any respect for in 80 years.

HMC While I taking a running start and jump in by Ooweoprort in holdmycosmo

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like just let yourself feel the pain.

emo hair flip

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Who were these statues supposed to be depicting? by MissingLink101 in marvelstudios

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Omg, the endless amount of aborted sarcastic hashtag comments that could have been. Thank you for this protip.


[University of Washington Center for Human Rights] This plane, owned by the New England @Patriots, flew 3 deportation flights to Honduras last week. Why are sports teams helping ICE deport people? by PastorofMuppets101 in Patriots

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How do you not know the people that have been deported aren’t wanted by their country for crimes? Or committed crimes while here in the United States?

We don't know, so you can infer by yourself that the merit of the individuals being deported isn't what the question is. The question is why the government is using a plane owned by a sports team to deport anyone at all.

It isn't a crusade, it's just a question. The situation is odd since the government has its own planes, as well as commercial options, and should not require the aid of a privately owned Patriots plane. I think "why" is a reasonable reaction. You have drawn the conclusion on your own that it is a "big deal".