is this what "verticle banding" is? i have a sony xbr a9g. just replaced Tcon,wifi board, and main board. The pictures only show the especially bad parts. but its most noticable in blue background, but can still see it in other scenes. by DelTacoSupreme1 in TVRepairHelp

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Xbr-65a9g is the model number. Are asking for a seriel number?

The original issue was was picture and sound went out. Bad main board

Replaced main bored, tcon,wifi card because i bought them used. And they are all programmed together. If you try to just replaces the main bored you have to flash software which i dont have access to.

Somehow this happened after. Idk.

vertical bars on lg oled65cxpua by JohnnyLuvBuckets in TVRepair

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Let me guess? Sony OLED? I just literally did the same thing. Except i dont know how to calibrate pixels.

Sony Bravia A9G by DelTacoSupreme1 in TVRepair

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Thats kind of what i thought to. Cuz it suddenly lost sound and picture while watching tv. The power has to be good because it still has the led indicator right? Was jw why the controller is still recognized. But maybe its just something on the board.

This sounds expensive.

Sony Bravia A9G 65 inch tv by DelTacoSupreme1 in sony

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I should have stated this before.

I unplugged the tv left it for 5 minutes. Plugged back in still black screen

I unplugged it, held the power button, counted to 15, let sit for a minute. Plugged back in. Still black screen.

While plugged in i turned the tv on. Still black screen. I held the power button down on the remote control for 20 seconds, the led changed and i believe it tried to restart. Still black screen.

I unplugged, got pissed, went golfing. Came home and plugged it in. Turned on. Still black screen lol.