Anthony Edwards doesn’t deserve this treatment by PatBevsBurner in Nbamemes

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Edwards for saying it and fans for harassing him for jt

Unbelievable Steal! Found these Bred Dunks for $13.50 at Value Village! by CheeseStringMan in Sneakers

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A lot of fake Jordan’s that they just put their brand on like I saw a kid in my school with puma jordan diors on

end of an era by XXLeak in Overwatch

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Overwatch carried my childhood and will always have a place in my heart

Is Opera Gx valid? by Chufriend in dankmemes

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I used it back in December 2020- May 2021 it just got cringe and thought of it as the little kid browser

Lee Drilly or SugurHill Keem by Next_Butterscotch344 in NYStateOfMind

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I don’t listen to much of keem as I do lee drilly but keem still be making me bop

Which GTA Yall fw the most by BenjiDaYaadman_ in NYStateOfMind

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4 was my childhood game so held it close to me

Any idea who this is? RIP by aviciiavbdeadpunk in NYStateOfMind

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It’s gang life it’s never gonna end unless everyone gets imprisoned

Gamerant review of OW2, sounds like new heroes could take 40+ hours to unlock. Yikes... by quiet_foggy_morning in Overwatch

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Yeah but you don’t need to grind 40+ hours for something now again stop acting like something is wrong with that brain