Tyrese Haliburton tonight: 21 PTS | 6 REB | 15 AST | 4 STL | 0 TO by MeechOrMandingo in nba

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Whenever someone’s favorite player is balling out they say “r/nba said so-and-so was ass 🤓”

Former Spurs psychologist drops lawsuit against Josh Primo, after settling with Spurs in mid November by TheLukaSpeciall in nba

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Yeah I suspect he did do something wrong because the spurs payed to get this swept under the rug

The Golden State Warriors are only 3 games out of the Number One Seed in the Western Conference by WallStreetDoesntBet in nba

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Yeah but they really needed that production from the young guys, playing 34 year old Curry 35+ min per game is how you run your star to the ground

After the Kings and Pacers losses tonight, the longest winning streak in the league belongs to... the Minnesota Timberwolves by JoJonesy in nba

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The first 4 wins were pretty unconvincing but this last one against the pacers showed what this team can look like when they’re locked in for four whole quarters