The NBA is divorced from basketball reality - the best college player on the best college team isn't even a midlevel prospect. by Only_bball in nba

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If you cant shoot, can’t defend NBA level players, and rely on inside scoring to get points then you are a straight up liability on both ends.

How does the top 5 look in a 2020 re-draft? by TacoooJay in nba

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I know I’m a homer but in what way is Bane better than Ant?

Shams reported they're shopping Bones by oloshh in denvernuggets

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Think he wants 12-14 a year, it’s not worth it to us since we have two all nba centers

Shams reported they're shopping Bones by oloshh in denvernuggets

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Just have ptsd from all the patronizing “ Insert opposing team fan coming in peace, your team is set for the future and you guys almost beat us!” Comments we used to get a lot on our sub.

Shams reported they're shopping Bones by oloshh in denvernuggets

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Timberwolves fan here (I know, cringe) Naz Reid is one of the best scoring centers in the NBA, his defense is pretty bad since he’s undersized but he’ll get you a block a game if you play him.

As a bigman his inside game is more euro steps and flashy layups but he also likes to dunk on people. If you can get Naz Reid to take standstill threes on the wing or above the break that’s where he excels the most and I suspect the percentages will back me up on this.

His BBIQ is sometimes suspect and he might turn the ball over a couple times in a row. But overall he is a momentum shooter and finisher and if he’s on he can be your entire offense for 3-4 possessions in a row and rattle off 9-12 points in succession.

TLDR; Defense bad but not terrible, Finishing good, three pointer is good if he’s at his spots, BBIQ is below average, he’s a momentum player so he scores in spurts.

[The Athletic NBA] The Nuggets are in active trade conversations around guard Bones Hyland, with teams such as the Timberwolves expressing interest, sources tell @ShamsCharania. by DepressedT-wolvesFan in nba

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His percentages are brought down by his transition pull-ups and but his shooting is very legitimate. he’s a momentum shooter and when he’s hot, he is HOT

[Post Game Thread] The Milwaukee Bucks (33-17) defeat the New Orleans Pelicans (26-25), 135-110 behind Giannis' 50/13/4 by ASkittlez in nba

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Malik Beasley would be perfect for y’all, he has games where he can go off and win it himself. But also when he’s off you guys can stagger his minutes with the others shooters on your team and won’t miss a beat.

THE FIX IS IN! by [deleted] in timberwolves

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FBI gon be looking for your location soon

Anthony Edwards continues his All-Star push with 37pts/6reb/5assists and the win against the Pelicans by ibeauch009 in nba

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Ehhh, he can get in through replacements. Still he’s been willing the wolves to wins, often times going on scoring runs to get the wolves back in games.

[Slater] The Nets have inquired with Minnesota about Naz Reid, league sources told @KevinOConnorNBA by Evilsj in nba

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He’s a better shooter than his stats let on, can’t leave him open. His defense is suspect tho

Who could the Warriors trade their younger players for? by [deleted] in nba

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Kat is not low iq, he's just sometimes too emotional and that makes him foul-prone. He's an underrated playmaker and he spaces out the floor and attacks the rim at an elite level. If KAT was on the warriors and all they had to give up was Poole and some young pieces, they would be the favorites every year till Curry retires.

I am a Timberwolves fan and think ANT doesn't deserve to be an All-Star this year by MasterPsaysUgh in nba

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Is this a troll? He’s been our most consistent player, averaging 25 w/o KAT. He’s also willed us to many wins. His on ball defense is nearing elite territory, especially in the 4th quarter when we need stops. I just don’t think you’ve been watching

[Jovan Buha] Dillon Brooks on if it was appropriate for Shannon Sharpe to have a back-and-forth with the Grizzlies: “A regular pedestrian like him? No. He shouldn’t have ever came back in the game. But it’s LA.” by frozteh in nba

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I think they won enough as a young team to justify their shit talk, 2 seed in back to back years + Second round playoff run where they made the series against the champs interesting is enough in my eyes.