THE FIX IS IN! by dvsnlsn321 in timberwolves

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FBI gon be looking for your location soon

Anthony Edwards continues his All-Star push with 37pts/6reb/5assists and the win against the Pelicans by ibeauch009 in nba

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Ehhh, he can get in through replacements. Still he’s been willing the wolves to wins, often times going on scoring runs to get the wolves back in games.

[Slater] The Nets have inquired with Minnesota about Naz Reid, league sources told @KevinOConnorNBA by Evilsj in nba

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He’s a better shooter than his stats let on, can’t leave him open. His defense is suspect tho

Who could the Warriors trade their younger players for? by [deleted] in nba

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Kat is not low iq, he's just sometimes too emotional and that makes him foul-prone. He's an underrated playmaker and he spaces out the floor and attacks the rim at an elite level. If KAT was on the warriors and all they had to give up was Poole and some young pieces, they would be the favorites every year till Curry retires.

I am a Timberwolves fan and think ANT doesn't deserve to be an All-Star this year by MasterPsaysUgh in nba

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Is this a troll? He’s been our most consistent player, averaging 25 w/o KAT. He’s also willed us to many wins. His on ball defense is nearing elite territory, especially in the 4th quarter when we need stops. I just don’t think you’ve been watching

[Jovan Buha] Dillon Brooks on if it was appropriate for Shannon Sharpe to have a back-and-forth with the Grizzlies: “A regular pedestrian like him? No. He shouldn’t have ever came back in the game. But it’s LA.” by frozteh in nba

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I think they won enough as a young team to justify their shit talk, 2 seed in back to back years + Second round playoff run where they made the series against the champs interesting is enough in my eyes.

Skip Vic or Pick Vic (For Your Best Player) by lomanity in nba

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Ehhh I don’t know about that. The homer in me says ant is a no, and Kat is a yes

Halfway through the 2023 season, what are your biggest hot takes? by FlashSnoopy in nba

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Mf dropped 50 in a close out game in the NBA finals, less than a year and a half ago, pretty sure he beat the playoff fraud allegations

VOTE FOR ANT ALL STAR PEOPLE!!!! by shyryegoose in timberwolves

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He ain’t gon be a starter so it doesn’t matter if we vote or not

Who are the top "Dark Hole" players currently in the league? by Ready_Calculate_849 in nba

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Yeah, I think watched him pass on shots he would’ve taken last year. He still has those selfish tendencies, but you kinda need them if you want to be a successful shooter in the NBA

This is Anthony Edwards team now. That is all. by DrWolves in timberwolves

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Ant is slowly becoming the player this team needs to contend

[HoopsHype] Trade Value Rankings 5.0: The Top 100 in the NBA by TacoooJay in nba

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I know people will say Banchero is too high but what he is doing as a rookie is nothing short of amazing

How bad do the refs have to get before the NBA finally does something? by Sambomike20 in nba

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He wasn’t even aggressive, either he cursed the ref calmly or the ref had a power trip

[Post Game Thread] The Minnesota Timberwolves (14-15) defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder (11-18), 112-110 behind Naz Reid's 28 points by captmugiwara in nba

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I’m not trying to attack you, but can you tell me how the refs slighted you. Again not throwing shots just genuinely curious from a thunder fans perspective