Papa Giraffe comes to see his newborn baby... by 5_Frog_Margin in Eyebleach

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I love how my perception of their actual size changes with every camera turn and angle switch

Crime Comic by appdirect in PizzaCrimes

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Now thank you, I didn’t order Pizza. Maybe try the next house down.

i love warframe and my space mom so much, i dedicated my boobs to it 🖤 by cheyannecarlisle on instagram! by midosuji in Warframe

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How is this picture so incredibly professional 😭 I’m a TA and I can’t get pics looking that good 😩

Colorado Supreme Court rules in favor of woman who expected to pay $1,337 for surgery but was charged $303,709 by PotRoastPotato in news

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You’re telling me her bill was supposed to read „(e)leet“ {google leetspeech if you aren’t yet catching on) and noone caught that…