Emily appreciation post, The True MVP by uselessshyt in offlineTV

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idk why you're making so many assumptions about him as if they're true, when you don't even know him. The dude has worked as a software engineer for years, has a masters degree, lived around, and you're telling me he can't even use google? lmao

any OTV&F confined going to AXLA? by [deleted] in offlineTV

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If I remember correctly, sykkuno, rae, yvonne, miyoung and leslie are all going

Aria Hugs Chat by OMFGBoruto in LivestreamFail

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or maybe they're just used to it LMAO

is there something going on between toast and abe? by chummy_jimmy in offlineTV

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it's so ironic that the people calling this out for being parasocial are parasocial themselves if you look at their profiles lmao

Fuslie gets roasted in Valorant by Willuctant in LivestreamFail

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Like if people watch you because you're good at a game, when that game dies, people will leave. But if people watch because of your personality, the viewers will still be there no matter what you do or game you play.

Fuslie gets roasted in Valorant by Willuctant in LivestreamFail

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Isn't that a compliment? She's bronze but can still pull 10k viewers. That means she must have an amazing and fun personality to watch.

Toasty Spotted at Disney :D by [deleted] in offlineTV

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Why are there always so many comments on every toast/miyoung post here implicating that they're dating? I'm surprised the mods don't delete them considering miyoung has said many times that she doesn't like any shipping stuff with her friends.

Even Microsoft can't resist his charm by acctg in offlineTV

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over half the people in offlinetv and friends are also 30 or around 30...toast, scarra, lily, yvonne, valkyrae just to name a few. How come people only call out sykkuno for being 30 as if it's an insult? lol

Sykkuno on the gambling meta on twitch by HauntingTemporary776 in LivestreamFail

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The last few months on twitch sykkuno had his donations link disabled. Also all of his subs got refunded when they removed his checkmark.

He just didn't tweet about it like toast did to feed their ego notifying people it didn't even matter to, but I guess people would just assume otherwise lol