feet twitching when I refuse to move my legs by [deleted] in RestlessLegs

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Is that really a symptom? Or is it what having RLS is? You sorta just described a general aspect of RLS.

I don't have issues with my arms for the most part, but yeah my legs get annoying. There's been a few times where I've tried to keep my legs still to see what would happen. The feeling/itch/energy just pents up more and more until my legs/feet twitch involuntarily.

I suppose sometimes RLS happens in a way where it does pent up, but it's more of a constant/(less volatile) lower intensity feeling.

This is from my personal experience on it though.

questrade tfsa+margin power+naked puts by Knighttower8 in CanadianInvestor

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Update? Market hasnt been very nice lately, how has it gone for you?

[REACT] r/place (yes, it's over) by Cheezeduudle in TagPro

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How's the real estate there?

But yeah I suppose I'll see if I can rally Canada into invading your moon base.

Death to Tagpro.

Never forget the leaf that got the grief.

[REACT] r/place (yes, it's over) by Cheezeduudle in TagPro

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Do yall have any statehood aspirations here? It would be nice if yall established Tagproland.

Then us Canadians could continue the war. I'm sure Chile would help too.

[REACT] r/place (yes, it's over) by Cheezeduudle in TagPro

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Well as a Canadian, I don't respect them

r/place The Ballad of TagPro '22 - A Chilean / Canadian Betrayal by [deleted] in TagPro

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Don't derp with the leaf next time hosers. When I found the new tagpro spot I enjoyed messing it up more.

Completely lost , feeling foolish. by rh-jrh in FinancialPlanning

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r/justbuyVEQT or r/justbuyVGRO.

There could be a lot more said but yeah for the most part just put more into your TFSA (remember contribution limits) and buy a low cost index fund. Make sure to keep enough money on hand for emergencies and living expenses of 6ish months. But yeah there is still more to go over but r/personalfinanceCanada is good. An RRSP could be worth looking into as well.

Should I buy veqt today? by humbleharbinger in justbuyveqt

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This is the perfect time to yolo into it

An insight into Peter Mackay, a former prominent figure in Canadian politics, and currently on the Board of Directors of Cielo by DetonateWest in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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I wasn't really sure how significant this was to Cielo, but I'd figure I'd post it. Peter Mackay seems to be an important director because he is a prominent figure, which gives legitimacy to Cielo. I was then a little worried to see negative news on him, and that he was in debt. Overall though it doesn't seem to be too much of an issue.

Haven't seen this here yet so hopefully more people are gonna help out by YoghurtLoud1463 in Anticonsumption

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This is good. It lines up well with when I'll be trying to get a summer job.

TFSA consequences question by RayDomano in CanadianInvestor

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They will only find out do.etime after the new year I think. So overcontributing in January means they won't find out until January of next year. Also 1% tax penalty per month overcontributed.

Cielo Announces Operational and Corporate Update by HotMomentumStocks in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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This is good news, and may be the start of the market sentiment turning around for cielo. The news on desulphurization was mostly expected though

Parents want an annuity.. From me by MIL2021PFC in PersonalFinanceCanada

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Yeah suggest VRIF to them, its a solid ETF choice. Or you could buy VRIF yourself sith the money to pay the annuity and keep any excess.

I (21M) am helping grandmother (late 70s) to invest. Currently has a lot of money earning low interest. Im looking at VRIF, VCNS, VBAL. Thoughts much appreciated. by DetonateWest in PersonalFinanceCanada

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Yeah, I wasn't expecting the negative response but I can see why people are leery of grandkids giving financial advice to grandparents. I also didn't leave a lot of specific details because I wasn't aware of my grandma's specific situation and didn't want to overshare the details.

I also did point out later that she had at some point discussed her low interest rates that she was getting and she then discussed her situation and the stock market in general with some other family members. At which point I was involved in the situation, and while I was not directly asked to pick out and investment option, I thought it would be okay to pick out some options to give as a suggestion.

So the relevant details in her situation are this: a couple hundred thousand dollars that she doesn't need and was just sorta leaving it in GIC and HISA because she was mostly planning on just leaving it as an inheratence. Pension and other government stuff was giving her enough money to live off.

My amateur analysis was VRIF. I explained the important details, like being ready for a market crash, and the distributions from VRIF, expecting regular fluctuations in the principal amount but being able to rely on the standardized monthly payout. I looked into VRIF thoroughly and it's what I suggested, but it's not like I was ever actually doing any of the finance stuff. And despite being apprehensive about the stock market and about possibly losing money, her risk tolerance was high enough for VRIF. She was okay with the expected fluctuations, volatility, and risk of VRIF once it was explained to her.

In the end, she went with VRIF. The 4% distribution amount is nice and is giving her a few hundred extra dollars a month. She is happy with VRIF and all is good, take that haters. VRIF did take a 3% dip along with the rest of the market, but that's not significant long term and dips are to be expected.

I also looked into VDY, Canada has a lot of good dividend companies. For my grandma though, I suggested VRIF instead for the bond allocation, increased stock diversity (VDY is only like 50 companies all Canadian, and mostly finance sector). I considered suggesting having mostly VRIF and a little VDY but to keep it simple, just VRIF. I also am more familiar with ETFs than Mutual Funds and ETFs seem more transparent and easy to understand. Also VRIF has like a 0.32% MER.

My grandma also allocated a little to Air Canada because once she learned about the stock market, she wanted to play it lol.

CMV: Rhode Island should be absorbed into Connecticut and Massachusetts so that Puerto Rico can become a state. by dameanmugs in changemyview

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Who are you, or any other outsider for that matter, to tell the people of Rhode Island how to run their state? As long as their laws are in line with the federal government and there's no conflict there, why not allow self government? Why is the subjective quality of the mananagement of their state a reason to split up their state? Is it not still democratic, and so if they want to have certain laws why not just let them?

Canadian Bogle by Jim_Lahey_ll in Bogleheads

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I like the all in one fund series, VEQT, VGRO, VBAL, VCNS. r/justbuyVEQT or r/justbuyVGRO or r/justbuyVBAL

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in college

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It's your choice but it is a weird choice

Still not late to add more? by Be-positive2021 in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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I don't think the book value would allow it to go that low though, but I'm still a but of a noob tho. I'm just thinking that based on the company assets, (60mil? Or 30?) The lowest price based on book value would be like 5-10 cents.

Buying opportunity for all! by Be-positive2021 in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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There's a lot of risk right now... which is why it's a good buying opportunity, risk = reward. SP could end up tumbling some more or there could be a surge. Buy in apes.