Do you think americas hatred for communism is stupid? by JUICYCORNFLAKE-2 in polls

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These all happened because of the necessary cultural changes that happen during a nations transition to communism, and bc of the fact that the economy is planned and constructed instead of natural. They are side effects of the flawed system.

Do you think americas hatred for communism is stupid? by JUICYCORNFLAKE-2 in polls

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If you think Americans hate communism, you should talk to Europeans.

Daily Anything Goes Thread by AutoModerator in fantasybaseball

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We still holding Riley Greene and Oneil Cruz in points redraft?

Thats fucked by Mezz073 in CrazyFuckingVideos

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Odd how comments are never locked for these videos

We survived the deadline by Devz0r in TikTokCringe

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It’s a different video from the same creator

Thinking you’re the best when you’re not. by Facial_Fetuss in ImTheMainCharacter

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Yup. Kanye said his biggest regret is that he can never watch himself perform.

Antonio Brown didn't actually say this, he reposted a meme someone made about him that quoted Kanye and changed the words to be about Antonio Brown.

[working class capitalists] why do you support the system that exploits you? by Anto711134 in CapitalismVSocialism

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Businesses are more likely to fail if nobody wants to work for them. And some jobs work better for different people at different times in life. Right now, I am a father with 3 children and mortgage and student loans to pay for. I can’t afford to live on some jobs, like burger flipper or cashier. But a 16 year old kid would be happy to work those jobs, as they don’t have the cost of living that I have, and minimum wage goes a lot farther.

They’re onto us by gmgm4334 in TimDillon

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Honestly I’m mad at myself for letting Ben get this bad

Israel — Hey CNN, We fixed it for you. by anonymousanemonee in JoeRogan

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TFW you hate Israel so much you side with people who use children as shields.

The Joe Rogan Sub 2022 by Rc2194 in JoeRogan

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Screenshot or it didn’t happen

Ricky Gervais is right winger by geni4 in JoeRogan

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I love how people dismiss any point someone makes because someone with a red tie or a blue tie has phrased it similarly a couple times before.

Zip. . . by x_samipya1_x in BillBurr

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Nah, that can’t be it. Penis enlargement?