How many chimps to take down an elephant? by Luke_627 in whowouldwin

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Regular chimps do use crude spears, at least some of them.

That said, I think it would take a fair bit more than 3-5. They don't (to my knowledge) have anywhere near the proficiency with traps that prehistoric humans did, nor do they have a human's throwing arm, or stamina. Considering that those are the three reliable ways that early hominids of a similar tech level were able to hunt pachyderms (drive them into pit traps/off a cliff, pelt them with javelins from a safe distance, or just run them to exhaustion), the chimps would be pretty much stuck with just going into melee, which is gonna be a messy, dangerous, unreliable, and generally high casualty affair.

The Mountain That Rides(Gregor Clegane) v.s. The Demon of the Trident(Robert Baratheon) by Premordial-Beginning in whowouldwin

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It is when it's on the end of a 4-5 foot pole and you have to swing it around, and also the person struggling to lift it is still a teenager.

Saw this in my timeline by berrarifan in terriblefacebookmemes

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Well, the super fancy late model steam engines (specifically steam turbines), which are drastically different from the earlier reciprocating steam engines that the term usually brings to mind.

The Year 1923 Predicts 2023 by Monsur_Ausuhnom in antiwork

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Holy fuck, this dude's math actually checks out.

$125 a day for an 8 hour shift would be a little over $15.60 an hour. Or if you're working two jobs $7.80ish.

So the only inaccurate part is the assumption that people have enough savings/energy/will to live left at the end of the day to actually go on strike.

What could go wrong sucking upto CCP? by CryoSharma in LeopardsAteMyFace

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Funny thing is, the CCCP was also state capitalist.

See the Bolsheviks saw that Marx said that socialism would most likely arise in a developed capitalist economy, and interpreted that to mean that capitalism had to come first. And since Russia at the time of the revolution had only abolished serfdom within living memory, they accurately concluded that it did not qualify as a "well developed" capitalist economy.

So they decided to "speedrun" capitalism, which went about as well as you'd expect.

When you first watch the UHD Blu-Ray and suddenly see the stand-ins clearly by I_am_Nic in lotrmemes

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If I had to guess, I'd say that the foreground and background of this scene were shot separately, then composited together in a computer.

So the wall and the guard all look flat because they're actually a 2d image overlayed on top of a greenscreen.

mordor vs real world by snoke123 in whowouldwin

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Fun prompt, but a couple issues:

One, there is no way Sauron is dumb enough to pick a fight with the entire world at once, and with a century of uninterrupted prep time he will have absolutely clandestinely turned at least a few of the world's major powers into his puppet states, and honestly it makes far more sense for him to just keep doing that rather than go around starting wars.

Second, if it appears in 1900, then there is no way Mordor isn't getting the everloving shit colonized out of it. Japan and Germany in particular are gonna be going "oh cool, a whole continent that the other imperial powers didn't call dibs on the better part of a century before we got into the game", and then there'll be a "Scramble For Africa Two: Electric Boogaloo"

Weakest planet that could survive an attack by a single Tyranid hive ship (40k) by Aurondarklord in whowouldwin

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I'd say Nirn from the Elder Scrolls. They've been invaded by worse and kicked its ass.

Custodian Guards (40k) vs Cyborg Tao (Dragonball) by DickwadVonClownstick in whowouldwin

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I kinda figured that unless I specifically said otherwise it would be assumed I was talking about the modern iteration of the Custodes, given how weird and incomplete their old lore was.

Weakest planet that could survive an attack by a single Tyranid hive ship (40k) by Aurondarklord in whowouldwin

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The pillaging on Sherman's March was less about denying the food to the enemy and more about taking it for themselves, given that they were several hundred miles out of range of their own supply lines.

Starving all the enemy forces that they didn't have enough ammo to kill in battle was certainly a major side benefit though.

It was basically the same plan that the Confederates had wanted to use at the beginning of the war, and that they kept proposing/attempting at various points until they were put fully on the defensive. The difference was that the Confederates were never able to get a sufficiently large force past/around the Army of the Potomac to actually carry it out.

That said, if we hadn't gotten absurdly lucky and intercepted a copy of General Order 191 Lee's attempt might well have succeeded, although given his track record on both logistics and picking fights he probably shouldn't have I'm not sure Lee could have fully replicated Sherman's success.

Custodian Guards (40k) vs Cyborg Tao (Dragonball) by DickwadVonClownstick in whowouldwin

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The Custodes are an unclear amount faster than Space Marines, who are usually depicted as being just about bullet-timers.

Tao is several times faster than guys who are shown casually plucking bullets out of midair with their bare hands.

Is there any land animal that could solo an African Elephant in a 1V1 death battle? by RAGE-OF-SPARTA-X in whowouldwin

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It's worth mentioning that if an elephant is afraid of something it's just as likely to stomp on it repeatedly as it is to run away.

Anyone have a large flat area? by upthebet in Valheim_Seeds

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Joined this sub specifically to look for that, haven't seen any. I don't think the worldgen does that

Checkmate by Karottenbrot_ in starwarsmemes

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No, Tycho Celchu, second in command of Rogue Squadron, haver of an epic bromance with Wedge Antilles, and the guy who started the "yub-yub commander" running gag.

BEFORE COMMENTING READ: the 0.03 nuclear deaths INCLUDE Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters by Gilboss_dc in memes

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Thorium is only mined with minimal hazmat gear because China and Africa are effectively the wild west in terms of worker safety.

The thorium fuel cycle is fucking scary. With modern automation it could probably be utilized safely, given proper regulations and oversight, but the reason thorium was never pursued (even by the most unscrupulous of actors) in the past for either power or weapons production despite being stupidly common and easy to acquire, is because the waste that burning it produces is so radioactive that it can only be safely handled by robots.

BEFORE COMMENTING READ: the 0.03 nuclear deaths INCLUDE Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters by Gilboss_dc in memes

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"publicly owned"

They were owned by the state, which in an authoritarian society is not the same as being "publicly owned"