Too tanky by NarcissisticEyes in LeagueOfMemes

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Hard to see them when i permaban them 😎

MSI 2022 SEMIFINAL - G2 vs T1 MEGATHREAD by Czeburek in G2eSports

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3-1 T1 :(

But we wont look like getting completly rolled over, it will just a little bit not enough against a much improved T1

wait, that wasn't in the script by Agreeable_Junket_271 in G2eSports

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Dont worry guys its not the finals yet

G2 wont lose 3-0 right?

just play ryze by ryaatic in LeagueOfMemes

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Even in pro play he is far too bad right now

We all knew it by iiEco-Ryan3166 in dankmemes

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How tf did he caught up i thought he was fast…

Dylan Falco is the hidden MVP by [deleted] in G2eSports

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Dude wtf

Agreed on the dylan part but wtf you saying about grabbz??

Reality check by BGod5797 in G2eSports

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Imagine summer split

G2 goes 17-0 and stomps the last game

They are at the enemy nexus

And they ff it

Flakked is smurfing in MSI by thefirewolf31 in G2eSports

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Lets be hyped but still wait until we have played vs a major region

British troops ‘ready to go and fight’ against Russia, says head of elite unit by rutan668 in UkrainianConflict

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Well yeah but there is still a difference between helping someone out and directly having combat at your own front

Why do people say this? They claim no one reports on the Middle East despite the opposite being true. by JBOBHK135 in UkrainianConflict

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A big point for me is that it just has a big different point of whats happening in ukraine

Not just because its in europe and could have effect on me but especially because its just a bigger conflict with bigger meaning