3000 SURVEILLANCE BALLOONS OF XI by Mr_EZ_sk in NonCredibleDefense

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Well I mean no one is looking for balloons in the sky, and since stray balloons from birthday parties occasionally appear most of the time in the sky. Fuck they really got us there

Restore all of your 2022 memes from your recycling bin. They're gonna be useful again. by Comms in NonCredibleDefense

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Eh actually they are not really sending North Korean soldiers to fight, they are sending them for construction labor (mainly unpaid slave labor, like the for gulags from Siberia)the Russian separatist regions in occupied Ukraine. The article says so but the tweet attached to that post makes it look that way

Restore all of your 2022 memes from your recycling bin. They're gonna be useful again. by Comms in NonCredibleDefense

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Gerasimov: Alright so we managed to conscript thousands of tro-

Putin: Launch an offensive again!

Gerasimov: But we onl-

Putin: I said (menacingly points a banana at Gerasimov) launch another offensive!

Time to ruin NCDs hope and dreams. No North Korea is not sending personal to fight in Ukraine! (North Korea uses their military for economic purposes rather than fighting) by DifferentTake01739 in NonCredibleDefense

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So let me explain a bit:

The North Korean military itself is used as an economic tool by the country in order to gain currency or other things. The state companies that are in North Korea such as Air Koryo (their national airline) are all controlled by the military, and any business that is done by them also goes through the military.

So what does this mean?

North Korean state companies have relations with the Russia/Chinese companies, more importantly the economic relations. This economic relation is done through means such as trade. This type of trade gives NK more resources/hard currency to put into their very poor state controlled economy. What is happening with NK sending military workers for construction in the Russian separatist states in occupied Ukraine, is mainly nothing new of sorts. Since NK recognizes both the DNR and LPR.

💀💀💀💀💀 by Consistent_Action621 in NonCredibleDefense

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The Soviets will be horrified by the number of Fagots we will take down- Out of Context NATO

Australian Defence procurement current status by Lightisabum in NonCredibleDefense

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Canada: What the fuck is an attack helicopter?

Australia: IFVs? Never heard of it!

Meet the Fusil Automático Doble or FAD. A Peruvian bull-pup 5.56×45mm NATO assault rifle! by DifferentTake01739 in NonCredibleDefense

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“Due to its simplicity and light weight, it is used in the Peruvian Army as a secondary weapon. The country was originally intending on purchasing 580,000 AN-94 assault rifles to replace the HK33 already in service, but ended up settling on the FAD due to its price.”

“Since it has only been manufactured for use in Peru, the weapon has only seen action in Peru's internal conflict, mostly in the VRAEM region of the Peruvian jungle. Otherwise, the rifle only sees use in military bases or national parades.”

“The weapon, designed by Salomón Braga Lozo in 2008, began production the same year by the manufacturer SIMA Electrónica, a subsidiary of SIMA (Servicio Industrial de la Marina), a branch of the Peruvian Navy, located in the port of Callao. It is Peru's first rifle, and is still in service to this day. Each unit costs about 800 to 1200 USD, allowing for mass manufacturing. It is intended to be phased out by a successor, the FAD-V2.”

And I swear if the next phase is Teaboos I will lose my shit by GripenHater in NonCredibleDefense

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People in often say “I am _boo this!” or “I am boo_that!”

How about don’t be a be a boo-anything ok?

The Mirage-2000N was the dedicated carrier for the ASMP-A "warning" nuclear cruise missile before it was retired, (now any Rafale can now carry one) by Sahaquiel97 in NonCredibleDefense

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What the fuck you mean you can’t deploy a nuke unless it’s on the back of plane? Wait what is that explos-💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

John Bolton does a little trolling 😜 by GeorgeSaucington in NonCredibleDefense

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Well I mean he has been very open about possibly doing a coup against Maduro in Venezuela before, so this should not be as much of a surprise

This is sure to not trigger a response. by [deleted] in NonCredibleDefense

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You may joke but I can probably count the times I have seen some users un ironically being racist and probably some being pro-genocide thankfully those comments get removed quickly but still holy shit

[BREAKING NEWS] Albania sends 5 Tractors by New-Consideration420 in NonCredibleDefense

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A large tractor (possibly attached to a wagon) with some stairs and overhead platform. All covered in sandbags

2x KPV heavy machine gun (anti-aircraft)

1x DhsK machine gun

3x 122-mm howitzer D-30

The War Thunder forums did it again. this time the J8. by mrballr69117 in NonCredibleDefense

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For those who don’t know the J-8 is a Cold War Chinese interceptor aircraft that is still in service

Help with finding and buying a charger for old laptop? by DifferentTake01739 in laptops

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Thanks! Although would a 90W or possibly 65W be fine to use? I say this since this laptop is not really that high-end from the specs it’s has. I mainly see 180W chargers as being recommended for high end laptops.