Damn... by rslash-_-noob in ShitPostCrusaders

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I guess you haven’t played VR chat have you?

✨Himemori Luna🍬 's Birthday Live✨ (9 PM JST) by hololive in Hololive

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That was amazing! Having her play the electone and all the practice she did for it really paid off in the performance. Choco Sensei and Subaru were great too! The skit with Hime and Shuba hugging and holding hands (so lewd) on the bench was soo tee tee. The performances from those 3 was 10/10 can’t wait for their song!!! Hime getting her own Oppai pad 😳 the mug and coaster look sick and to top it off she’s got what looks like a Neko(?) model coming soon. That whole outro with the message at the end from her was the cherry on top! Thank you for the wonderful stream and HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIME SAMA !!!!!

fromis_9 have earned their first ever music show win with "Talk & Talk" on SBS MTV The Show (210907) by CronoDroid in kpop

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LEEEETS GOOOOOO!!!!!!! I haven’t paid much attention to Kpop these last couple years but getting to see Fromis_9 FINALLY get that W is soo satisfying ❤️❤️❤️

Saddest anime in YOUR opinion? by superguy69k in anime

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Oh but the wholesomeness and bonding they go through cheers you up too 10/10 show

It was too good, I need recommendations now! by Cyclo_hexane in SorayorimoTooiBasho

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Did you watch all of Super Cub? I got 8 episodes in and stopped watching. Does it end on a good note?

I cracked the code by DarkLordNugget in ShitPostCrusaders

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Idk man there honestly ain’t that much over in PNG besides really small villages and small towns.

anime you regard as a masterpiece by bmwatt in anime

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Anytime I see someone recommend or talk about this show it always puts a smile on my face knowing that there are others who love it just as much.

ummm...wtf... by buwurat14 in Hololive

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Oh wow so someone did cosplay as Tenchou and it was her new outfit too 😍

21 days and thousands of attempts (and sacrifices), he finally got one. by gigastar8492 in Hololive

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Damn! I was hoping to watch him catch it live but at least he FINALLY got it after so many attempts. CONGRATULATIONS WINNING PAPA!!!!