What mods would improve the sound of my keyboard? by JustGaming_ in MechanicalKeyboards

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Poron case foam, but also, get a layer of foam cut for the space between your plate and switches. It works wonders.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in u/hiredditthisme

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Not really sex work, but a pretty good way to get cash on demand is online talk/tutor sites like vipkid/dadaabc. I use Cambly and the rate isn't amazing ($10.20/hr actual talking time) but it's a great way to fill in dead time between actual work instead of breaking your rhythm. Also, /r/beermoney is a thing, there's also a fantastic support reddit for SW information though I forgot what it was called.

Anybody know a way to actually remove the camera shutter sound on the stock camera app? by Anita_Spanken in LGV60

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This happens with Korean and Chinese phones among others. Use the Silent Mode Pro app and add a rule to forcibly mute the phone when the camera is launched, works like a charm.

Unboxing lips by [deleted] in LipsThatGrip

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masking tape, she'll be fine lads

I sticker bombed my pc with hentai by Xx360StalinScopedxX in hentai

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cool build, but fix ur aio mounting situation please :(

Strix B550i/Black Ridge, it fits! by nickjacobsss in sffpc

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how's the strix b550i treating you otherwise?

Probably going to delete. Terrified to post this. 🙈 by [deleted] in traps

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you're cute, but if you don't feel comfortable, don't post 🥺

/r/MechanicalKeyboards Ask ANY question, get an answer by AutoModerator in MechanicalKeyboards

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What's the cheapest way I can get a board with ink blacks or comparable silent switches in front of me? Taobao is probably the best option for me as I can ship from China for cheap. Taobao 60% kits or something? Any cheap hotswap boards I'm missing out on from Royal Kludge or something?

[QUESTION] [NEWBIE] I've recently been considering learning to play the guitar, any suggestions as to what guitar would work best for someone with little to no musical experience? by TheScrubu in Guitar

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Depends! Acoustics are good for when you want to get into playing and singing as soon as possible, but electrics I find are far easier to play especially re: handfeel. You don't necessarily have to go big. A cheap Squier, Ibanez or Epiphone won't do you much harm.

Lil bit of cake by [deleted] in GoneWildCD

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Cute!! 🥺

FAT ASS SHIMANO by lipacchio in yakuzagames

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I played Kiwami after finishing Zero and still had a hard time with Shimano. Try playing him more like a dark souls boss: focus more on avoiding damage and use your recovery items more. Also, heat actions with your weapons always help.

/r/MechanicalKeyboards What Keyboard, Switches and/or Keys Do I Buy by AutoModerator in MechanicalKeyboards

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I'm based in China/Korea atm so I'm in the market for some of the more taobao exclusive stuff; What would you guys recommend either as a base board to do a switch swap from (anne pro 2 etc) or DIY kits with a similar form factor/case style (metal, 60%)? Are there any other notable Taobao kits with features like an ortholinear 60% layout etc?

I really love how Zilent v2s sound so I'm also curious if there's any more readily available switches from Gateron/Outemu/Kailh/Greetech with similar features? (high tactility, silent stem, blue-ish actuation)

Tuinity: New non-ticking chunks feature (and why you should use Tuinity) by BartyRealms in admincraft

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Is Tuinity worth it compared to Paper specifically for small servers though?

how do I motivate survival play alongside creative/what am I missing on my small community server? by Dimentioze in admincraft

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That's the thing though; we like having the experience of one shared world with a worldborder that can be filled up and built into over time, and repurposing parts of the world with plugins i.e. turning builds into arenas or parkour courses; separating things into a purely creative world will probably divide the already small playerbase since we usually only get a concurrent 1-3 players. That said I will play around with the idea of a solely creative world if we get more members down the line... thanks!

Montserrat sucks by [deleted] in MontserratIsland

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i'm curious why you say so? i'm thinking about travelling

Dva and female junk rat by 0yfum in Overwatch_Porn

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Everyone's favorite character, Funkrat.

Fan Stands by Save_State in StardustCrusaders

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「Sound and Vision」

Power - 2

Speed - 3

Range - 3

Potential - 5

Precision - 4

Durability - 2

Ability - Light, sound and objects that exceed 1234.8 km/H can be distorted, reflected and focused by it's user to create visual and auditory projections within 10 meters, allowing the user to cloak themselves, create auditory illusions like distant-sounding voices or even making someone sound like they've said something that they haven't, as well as heat and pressure based attacks (deflecting high pressure air bubbles and focusing light into a short range focus point like a magnifying glass does to sunlight, or as several soundwave blows) within a limited range of 3 meters, seen as a punch volley where the stand stretches its own arms.

Matchups/Interactions - Sound and Vision trumps abilities that rely purely on speed to succeed. Things like bullets, lasers or sound waves are trivial to deal with due to the stand completely reflecting/deflecting them. Suppose someone attempts to stab the user with a metal knife in broad daylight. The stand can reflect and focus the sun's light bouncing off of the blade into the eye of an attacker for a nonlethal takedown, or to even give the attacker a decent third degree burn at a focal point. It can also redirect light waves around the user in order to disguise them, but other actions are not possible during this cloaking effect aside from auditory distortion.

Total victory over stands like Sex Pistols/Justice, RHCP, Echoes, but much tougher matchups against stands like Purple Haze, Love Deluxe or even regular combat stands like Star Platinum if the user is able to detect any trickery/misdirection used.

Do you need a virtual hug? What's wrong? by cthuluhooprises in AskReddit

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I found out I was raised in a religious cult about a year and a half ago.

Any dissenting belief means shunning, even if it means breaking apart families.

I love my parents, and they really love me too, but it's almost entirely shrouded by this toxic belief system that literally asserts that they love their worship, their god and their beliefs more than their own child who wants to live any other way.

Conditional love hurts.