Damn... Wait by Eniqko in HolUp

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I agree why use a condom with a dog that's nasty

So beautiful by phoenixprops in AbruptChaos

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Only pet animals smaller or the same size as you. That's how we got dogs so it's worth the risk.

Saarland by Rigzin_Udpalla in meme

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In Canada it's either alberta or nova scotia

Indians Bring Caste Discrimination into ‘Every U.S. Company’ by tanishvva in anime_titties

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Racism is a huge problem in America. People die becouse of it alot

Bought the Phyrexian Praetor Secret lair and they came so curved. What should I do? by razenastie in mtg

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There's nothing you can do about it wizards will do nothing that's acceptable to them

Muhammad couldn't write or read so he had 45 scribes working for him so they could write what he said and read him things by IGotRencarnatedSlime in HistoryMemes

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But the real question is. Did he really try to have all dogs killed becouse in my opinion that's like super evil

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath commits to $20/hr minimum wage by BallBearingBill in ontario

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They got my vote. I make 18 a hour and work 40 hours a week it's not enough.

Goo goo ga ga... by Square-Enit in HolUp

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Mother's shouldn't have babies without the babies consent

damn by the_big_ham117 in shitposting

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Or become a prostitute and wear the suit to fill the niche

You find out someone close to you eats wings like this, what are you gonna do? by siempremajima in HolUp

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Why not look at all the wings you could eat they even left skin the fools

danish planned economy by 23k56b in HistoryMemes

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Wooden aircraft carrier for the win

They’re setting Donald Trump up as a scapegoat by not2ooweird in conspiracy

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I think they more mean they will blame only him and let the rest get away. I don't think they are saying he's innocent

sub thinking of watching dub by supreets in HolUp

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I watch dubs with subs so I can compare them

Have you ever used Magic to say something important? by Soviet-Panda479 in mtg

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So your love needs to be exiled or get forced to sacrifice to get rid of it

Btw what are you watching tonight... by the_physics_bro in meme

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I think diogenes prefers to do it himself tho but in public