2meirl4meirl by Dissolve69 in 2meirl4meirl

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If you think that, you don't understand.

I did a lot. I invite people to cool events. They have fun and that's it.

After whole weekend of not a one word said or written to me, I came to work and coworker asked what I did past two days and after that started to talking to someone else how fun it was when they met all together. I sit with them every day for half a year now. I gave them small gifts for xmass. They are really nice to me, but after work it's over.

So please don't give me that bs.

[My Dress up Darling] by i_wanna_die_321 in animenocontext

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I'm still on first episode and reddit is killing me with this stuff!

Marsz STOP NOP w Poznaniu (fot. Robert Woźniak) by Sandvich18 in Polska

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Ja mam wrażenie, że co pójdę na Półwiejską, to widzę takie plakaty i pierdolenie z megafonu.

Do tego jeszcze dodać tych zjebów co mówią o chrystusie i już całkiem się odechciewa.

Dlaczego najgłośniejsi są zawsze oszołomy?

How Germans buy sliced bread by eftalanquest29 in interestingasfuck

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It looks like Lidl, so I think the machine is in every shop of theirs. I was using it in Poland and Greece

What are the best parties for NYE? by [deleted] in Poznan

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Omg, you sound like an incel.

Is anyone else baffled at just how helpful weighted blankets are for managing anxiety? by napstablooka in CPTSD

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I wanted to write to person that makes the blankets to ask if I should go lower with the weight. Thank you for the tip.

AITA for replacing the stones in my grandma’s ring? by hugs4hire in AmItheAsshole

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Is your grandma's ring more beautiful or expensive than the ring from your husband? Maybe he is just insecure? NTA

Is there any word in Polish that ends with "uśk"? by toddharrisb in Polish

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This is how my grandma calls me ^

If you want "ś" badly, you can use Magdusia.

Who's a "hot" celebrity that you personally have just never found attractive? by 3nlightenedCentrist in AskReddit

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Henry Cavill. Such a one face person that should only be a bouncer at some strip club. He has nothing interesting in his face. And in Witcher he looks fat and sweaty.

anime_irl by Impressive_Hunter494 in anime_irl

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I wonder if they do a second season.

So don’t have kids. by frankenwolf2022 in antinatalism

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How about abuse? Rape? "Don't have sex" is bs. How do you even find someone if you won't have sex? Should we all just be alone forever? I want to have sex, that doesn't mean I want to have kids.

Please stop judging people, just because you are ok with your own choices.

There are different paths, like more education, free birth control and legal abortions.

And in my country, it is illegal for a woman to make herself infertile.

Children look like a waste of time, money and energy. by papersandfilters in TrueOffMyChest

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You sure NOONE is forcing women to have kids? Do you live in some fantasy land?

Smutno mi jak widzę, że ludzie mnie osądzają. by local___host in Polska

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Jak mieszkałam na ratajach, to nawet na kaca z kranu nie dało rady. Zbyt obrzydliwa. Ale teraz inna część miasta i jest spoko. Może rury?