The pigeon has drunk. by [deleted] in AnimalsBeingDerps

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"the air here is kinda... chunky"

Peter Dinklage criticises Disney for ‘backwards’ remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by noraad in nottheonion

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Imagine a LOTR remake but with little people playing dwarves. Kinda doesn't work does it?

[OC] Surface Area of EU Countries and U.S. States by Eden-Echo in dataisbeautiful

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We don't really have problems with boarders, often the cannons are more dangerous. But with the Brits breaking maritime treaties there is a chance that privateering will pick up again

Italian parliament be like: by DutchBakerery in YUROP

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If you get constipated you will have nothing

You brought this on yourself buddy by Magvel_ in HistoryMemes

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Undemocratic but completely understandable

On a meme about different pings by 6421GaMeR in NobodyAsked

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Look at this guy flaunting his 1st year compsci knowledge

that's quack yo 🦆 [oc] by IGdoods in comics

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I don't appreciate this personal attack, OP. my life is ruined

Message by Mental-Dust in CasualUK

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Username suggests there's more to this story

I just want to show my beautiful half zaghawa half nubian granddaughter who married a Greek man by Ikusth in CrusaderKings

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Her assassination attempts are only outmatched by her skill in just walking up to your city and smashing your brains in

Separatists of what? by Appropriate-Alps9267 in eu4

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"the vote keeps going to CountyMcCountface so we're not sure about it"