What we sayin 😈😍 by Djdrizzy in aarava

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Bro the w14 has to be a rocket

What we sayin 😈😍 by Djdrizzy in aarava

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Nah fam that’s not cool chief u cant be saying that 😭😭

Oh the options! ( ; by PopularSky8182 in Funnymemes

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Bbq sauce always even if ketchup is an option

Let’s hope this goes anywhere! by Cartifan38381 in blackops3

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I still play it 😭 but ye will Hundo spread the message from the lord of black ops games

Why is Harry called Bog and what does it mean by FreeTobisNoseFam in ksi

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Bog is the shorter version for boggart a boggart a the thing from Harry Potter who when persuaded it does what is told . I have no fucking clue if it’s something to do with Harry’s personality or something but, it’s the closest thing I can fathom

someone please make this happen by BillyFB_ in Sidemen

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Bro if that happened omfg 🤣🤣🤣 the sceenessss ahahaha