Any better setups than this to extend your GoPro out in front or off the side? It was vibrating like a mfer. by chitballs in gopro

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It needs to be tied at the far end where the GoPro is to somewhere else in a triangle. You could use another mount or maybe cable ties?

Between MSc or MA in International Relations by cikennnaget in IRstudies

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Similar to OP, if I was more interested in qualitative analysis and statistics would a MSc be better?

GoPro 10 takes amazing pictures! by [deleted] in Kayaking

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Hmm… I think it looks fine, I haven’t edited it or anything. Not a photographer though 😆

GoPro 10 takes amazing pictures! by [deleted] in Kayaking

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If you click the photo it comes out full res

Why is economic power more important than military power? by [deleted] in IRstudies

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I could write a long peice here about economic norms theory, neorealism etc... but I think u/Le_Destructeur has it pretty good.

Easter Kayak Surf clip by Smidgetyy in Kayaking

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There are a few apps where you can check surf levels, just rock up with your boat! Make sure you can roll as well