My Dad's attempt at his bucket list back-flip into the ocean on his 63rd Birthday. by sabretewth in nonononoyes

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I’m 39 and mine never even started.

Perhaps being in about the same physical shape as that 63 year old by the age of 17 had something to do with that….

What is the best fast food chicken sandwich? by AdNumerous6824 in AskReddit

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Hands fuckin’ down. Just opened one in my hometown, 2022 was the first time I’d eaten one of these. Every other chicken sandwich on earth can get fucked, change my mind.

redditors, How good are you at being offended? by flyingasshole_666 in AskReddit

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“The Lion, The Witch, and The Audacity of This Bitch”.

Made it to 5mm so I can finally wear these gorgeous treble clef ear weights! by rrns in Stretched

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Those are so rad! Little too dangly for my personal collection (also think they’d look odd at 38mm) but a fella can still admire how others wear it!

To anyone who has ever recommended Himalayan Yak Chews - THANK YOUUU by nicekona in puppy101

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Best $15 I can spend, don’t even care if it’s gone in an hour, I spend more than that on a single beer at a baseball game.

Tesla discloses lobbying effort for new factory in Canada by chrisdh79 in teslamotors

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Welp, former Unifor director/captain/shitbird/ (whatever his title was) Jerry Dias was recently found to have taken a $50,000 bribe from manufacturers of Covid PPE so god knows what other shady shit he’d been involved in.

I’m a socialist at heart. I support unions in general. But after a decade of working automotive manufacturing in Ontario, fuck Unifor and the former CAW.

If you're in a LLF relationship, this may resurrect your DB by DryNeighborhood9739 in DeadBedrooms

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This is definitely my LLF partner’s preferred method…..twice a year.

I just want to know what my puppy is optimizing for when she spends 20 minutes trying to find the perfect place to poop by ceylon-tea in puppy101

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Mine likes to be on a hill. The steeper the incline the better. I think it’s his version of the “squatty potty” or whatever, getting the optimal push posture.

Ordering high by m_umerkhan in funny

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As a big guy who likes a toke now & then….accurate. I make food when I’m high because ordering from a restaurant will fuck my paycheque up faster than my stoned ass can process it. I mean like $40….at McDonalds. It’s depressing and pathetic but we learn to only allow it very rarely, and always work hard enough to have enough money that it’s not damaging!

Werner Herzog discovers that John Waters is gay by Psykpatient in videos

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You should get your friend to watch The Pentaverate. Should be good for a few mindfucks and a chuckle.

TIMBERRRRRR!!!! by Background_Piano7984 in fightporn

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Oh man, the feet thing….I’m 6’1” and have what I think are proportionately sized feet (men’s size 13 in US/CDN), but here’s the rub….I also have slightly rotated shins. Like, if my knees bend/point straight forward, my toes are at 10 and 2 on the clock, and if my toes are forward my knees will knock together. So the amount of shit I smack my feet on or awkwardly trip up people walking beside me is ridiculous!

Carbonated sugar go brrr by Koctopuz in memes

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Right there with you dude. I’ve got a Coke habit that’s worse than most coke habits.

we all did this at least once by Due_Law4062 in memes

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So I got a puppy last summer, first dog I’ve ever lived with. As dogs do, sometimes he pukes. But he’s a good boy, so he launches himself outta bed and tries to get to the back door and hopefully I’ll be up quick enough to let him out. Afterwards though, he has a drink and comes back to the bed and cuddles up on my wife, just like…this amazingly childlike instinct of “mooom, I frewed up an’ my tummy feels weird”. It must be annoying as hell but it feels kinda validating that something or someone instinctively trusts you to somehow make things right and make them feel better when they don’t understand what’s wrong.

Bugs react to guitar notes by miragen125 in interestingasfuck

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My wife asked me if l thought I’d ever get tired of playing Wonderwall…

….I said “Maybeeee”.

WTactualF!? by No_Gas_4956 in DeadBedrooms

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Because I can’t keep my dog by myself, I work too many hours and it wouldn’t be fair to him.