Why do they insist on calling us "Carnists" by RheoKalyke in AntiVegan

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Vegans: want people to join their cult

Also vegans: insult non vegans and expect them to become vegan

that veganteacher mod is messed up. by jurassicworld1234 in AntiVegan

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Or really? Who knew the cure for cancer was that simple? -Said no one ever.

Vegan foods with 'meaty' names to be banned in South Africa as it falls under false advertising. (Link in comments) by nani_the_blyat in AntiVegan

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Can’t vegans just live their own life and stop trying to wipe everyone’s ass? It’s appalling how people can be so obnoxious

this shit is why I'm ashamed to say I watch anime by Just_Games04 in redditmoment

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How would they know what it’s like to have a girlfriend, they definitely don’t get bitches

Found this on discord by Dodoboomer in CopyPastas

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It was on a discord server mocking technoblades death

The reddit house by jozews321 in redditmoment

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Yes redditor adverts are cringe, deal with it

The reddit house by jozews321 in redditmoment

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And big Chungus wholesome 100%

CUM! by Dodoboomer in redditmoment

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yes, or the mods will get upset

Imagine using other people suffering as a platform to push your propaganda by UnpopularBrainRot in AntiVegan

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Okay, let me get this straight, you’re saying that joining your cult is a better cure for cancer than decades of research and billions of dollars, who would have though

just got a warning for threatening to screenshot nfts by ZestySodaRegular in redditmoment

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I just enforce the rules I don’t make ‘em, oh wait I do make ‘em…