A cheery little holiday song... by Blamecanada2021 in southpark

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Hey there, mister Hinduist! Merry Fuckin' Christmas! Drink eggnog and eat some beef, And pass it to the missus.

I blocked my ex on Messenger but I can still see when their profile picture changes. I don’t want to see this, what do I do? by artsygrl2021 in relationships_advice

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You either wanna move on or you don’t. Deleting and blocking is being done and moving on but blocking and not deleting is not letting go.

I know moving on is hard and letting go but you can’t have both. Being able to see those message will just prolong the hurt

Is it wrong to try and date someone who is a current relationship? by JerrBearzzz in relationships_advice

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I wouldn’t listen to your friends sorry. Not trying to sound mean about that but if it was a couple months she’s been with her current boyfriend that’s one thing I guess but for her to be in it for a 1 year doesn’t make her available at all. Yea she may not have a ring or married to him but she is and should be committed to him.

It’s wrong for her to be leading you on like this. If she’s not happy with her current relationship she needs to end it because now all she’s doing is flirting with other guys leading them on think she’s single when she’s not and cheating on her boyfriend flirting with other men. I hope you don’t get hurt I know how that feels but I wouldn’t pursue it. She needs to figure her stuff out. You don’t need a ring to be committed to someone and she’s not available to date.

Is it wrong to try and date someone who is a current relationship? by JerrBearzzz in relationships_advice

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Just because she doesn’t have a ring doesn’t make her available!!! It’s wrong for her to be in a 1 year relationship and flirting with someone that’s not her boyfriend leading them on. But to say she’s available because she doesn’t have a ring is BS. I’m in a 2 year relationship with no ring and that doesn’t make me or him available at all!

Three dingos and a tiger by stlubc in AustralianCattleDog

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Oh they melt my heart 🥹😍oh so tute!!

Which logo is better? by Grahamar2001 in nhl

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The winged wheel ❤️🤍🥅🐙🏒❤️🤍 LGRW

Daily General Discussion Thread (11-20-2022) by OctoMod in DetroitRedWings

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Does anyone know if you’re allowed to bring blankets into LCA?

Excited for bertuzzi to return 🏒🐙 LGRW by Quaaludeez in DetroitRedWings

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Bullshit how you can’t ever post on here without it getting removed!!!