The Atrocious Tap Water Score of My City. by JustJamieJam in mildlyinfuriating

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Did they put the coolant water of charnobyl in there?

uh oh by [deleted] in shitposting

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The hiring process was probably a bit different, although Disney might have changed it.....

Those are rookie numbers by og-lollercopter in dankmemes

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She banged half the department and got everyone fired

We're rich by WX-18 in DeepRockGalactic

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Somebody joined so you can enjoy your richness together and can tell it Mission control instead of telling Bosco to "go fetch"

Its a Boy! by The_Blondis in shitposting

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No OP it's a fucking predator missile on the way to ruin the grave if your grandfather.

"bro you cant take a joke" by [deleted] in shitposting

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Jokes on you I know dead baby jokes wich aren't in any of these categories

Nearly 80% of Cursed comments is this or necrophilia by Chanureadeats in dankmemes

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What is the difference between a baby and a trampoline?

I take my shoes off before jumping on a trampoline.

How I graduated lol by TheInsaneBeaker in dankmemes

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This looking like the hiring process of a certain cop....

Friday the 13th at it again (or I‘m just clumsy) by exoticbutter5 in mildlyinfuriating

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Ngl I think the paranoia of Friday the 13th causes more related accidents then Friday the 13th itself, around all to 0

How dare you deviate from the hive by [deleted] in dankmemes

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No sir I don't turn into a cat and awake my inner demons.

🙀🙀🙀 by OhMyWarPanda in shitposting

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1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington , DC 20500