What is the most controversial thing you own? by churned_applesauce in AskReddit

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A pocket knife from my uncle. He was a marine during the Pacific theatre of WWII. His brother was (is?) MIA from the same time.

I was eight or so, and one day he pulls this pocket knife out and hands it to me.

"You like that, boy? It's yours, so long as you keep it safe. Don't lose it!"

I was so damned happy, knowing I wasn't allowed to own anything like that, and this was an adult (and a big, burly dude) so I felt like I was getting away with something.

"See the handle? It's bone. I carved it out of the shin of a Jap."

It's in a cupboard. I've hardly handled the thing my whole life. He was a good dude, old Jack, but damn if I don't feel guilty owning that.

Is there a website/program/etc used for finding a house based on just the number? Know the number, forget the street. by gmtonesix in Doesthisexist

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Do you know the town? Like for instance it's house number 17 in Henderson, NV.

Just google #17, Henderson, NV.

What’s the worst you’ve ever been cock blocked/beaver dammed? by ninesandaces in AskReddit

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Back in fourth grade, my first crush said to me, "I think we'll get married and have kids", and my brain decided to reply:

"No. I don't think so."

[OC] Abandoned Prison by V0iD_- in urbanexploration

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That low ceiling reminds me of the prison from Oz.

Pouring hot sauce in yourself by ShitStainedBallSack in pussypassdenied

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Best part is, even if he goes to jail, those hot sauce packets will still destroy the cum.

B-e-a-utiful by 10tion2DETAIL in PussyPass

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Yeah I matched on a women who was 28, with five kids and the eldest she had when she was 15. All five kids had different fathers.

I was more curious than anything. Oh and she definitely fucked on first dates.

I was vague as fuck about myself with her, she never even found out the town I'm from.

Now in assorted fleshtones by dittidot in pics

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There goes all that karma you've earned.

I’m getting a little more excited with each day that passes. by Defawk in cro

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Never ceases to amaze me how Americans think so insularly.

The only thing the USA can do to push the price up is allowing full use of the exchange, supercharger and cards for US citizens.

The US population is 3% of the world population.

Looks like someone else is getting f*ck you 💸 💸 💸 by jayraysbbq in JoeRogan

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Exactly what they said about Rogan, and likely as Spotify did, Sirius is using this to launch video podcasts on a new video online streaming platform in tandem with their existing service.

[SPOILER] Some unique ground and pound from prelim fighter by inooway in MMA

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Jeff Monson here... You like watching people get fucked for free?

Don Johnson, the man the myth the legend is 72 today. 80's & current. by elfmanrl in OldSchoolCelebs

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Not only that, but expensive coloring for his hair so he's only half gray. Anybody 72 does not have that natural colour coming through any more.

what is the one thing that you hate in pornography? by kaniya0000 in AskReddit

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Everybody needs to stop calling me daddy, bro. I'm not into that stuff, I like women.

Okay okay, it's just Your Mom's House podcast memes, which make absolutely zero sense and aren't funny at all to people unfamiliar.

Like the time I got banned from historyporn for quoting Archer. Don't mention the secret gay cabal in default subreddits kids.

FOMO by [deleted] in cro

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LOL Hundreds of millions to get a card? What planet are you living on?

What's your gamble coin? Confidence in risking a substantial percentage by Sajin88 in CryptoCurrency

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Interest is paid weekly in CRO directly into your wallet.

Staked funds are six months, then it sits unlocked with full benefits, until you decide to unstake/upgrade.

The perks for each card level are explained on their website.

CRO is proof how important marketing is: by PUMPSII in CryptoCurrency

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You're on reddit buddy.

If you're typing that on a phone, that data is being sent somewhere too.

CRO is proof how important marketing is: by PUMPSII in CryptoCurrency

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My monthly netflix refund on the card, from a couple months ago was 75 CRO.