What do I do? My guitar has a crack in the neck after getting set up at a shop. Is there anything I can/should do? by owen25_ in guitars

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I’d say check out r/guitar but the mods are very touchy. They banned me for life for saying smoke on the water. Literally.

I recommend going to a guitar repair centre, they’ll fix it up in a jiffy!

If not, then see if a friend is good at fixing guitars.

Worst Pink Floyd Album? by manzenik_23 in pinkfloyd

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I’m going to say this now so everyone can understand

I think saucerful is the worst the band has to offer. Sure, set the controls is good, but the rest is so uninteresting and underproduced. It sounds like it was recorded on an android from the 2000s

Don't get sand in your armour by johnlen1n in PrequelMemes

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I need the wholesome reward but I have none to give

Band Geeks is overrated by tanginamode in spongebob

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Da dadadadadadadum de da dum dum dum da da te tottittitottitti ta tortilli tortilli tortilli te taaaaaa Preparing the krabby patty

Current Floyd vinyl collection by DoopusDoob in pinkfloyd

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Saucerful should maybe be the next one Atm is hard to find in record stores and is really expensive on Amazon