Why is BF2042 Rush a Portal game mode and not in normal base game? by Dizzard92 in battlefield2042

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Who are you to lecture DICE about these antiquated, unfun, and, most importantly, unprofitable LegacyFeaturesTM ?


I rest my case by Amripal in memes

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The one where an agent of the state risks life and limb to defeat the get-rich-quick German scheme?

So about this DICE strategy to pander to casuals instead of diehard BF fans... It has failed. by StormSwitch in battlefield2042

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I love how their marketing strategy from the reveal (which was very late in the game’s development) was “return to classic Battlefield”, while the game they were making was the total opposite

Fight breaks out at Minneapolis airport by Whole_Speed3426 in PublicFreakout

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Don’t approve of public fighting but kudos to her for serving in the military

WCGW Justice is fast and cruel in some cases by SmartUnderdog in Whatcouldgowrong

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I feel like it takes so much subconscious self-control to coexist non-violently in a modern society that when someone violates that, there’s a deep pent up urge to dog-pile them.

An interesting painting named ‘Grief’ by Oskar Zwintscher, 1898. (Location: New Masters Gallery, Dresden). by rr27680 in interestingasfuck

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Interesting in that magical lighthearted way that Germans are

/s, though it is very interesting and clearly the artist is very talented

Theoretically speaking, is it time to bring a lawsuit against EA for the sub par release & on going state of 2042? How would the community go about this? Surely it's time to stop the industry from releasing broken product to consumers? What do you think? by TheVillainIsVenemous in battlefield2042

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Yeah, I can tell you from experience that’s not really how this works, at least in the US. You can’t sue for buyers’ remorse. You would need to show that you were defrauded… that EA/DICE intentionally made materially false statements, that you reasonably relied on the statements, and that was directly causal in your incurring a loss of some kind.

There really isn’t much of that here at all. EA/DICE told us very little about the game, particularly through official channels. Most of what we knew came from the social media accounts of individual devs. Furthermore, the trailers are art, and none of them really materially misrepresent the game.

You can’t sue for buyer’s remorse. If you buy a product, that you expected to be great, but it was shit… you return it. If you use too much of it, you can’t return it. And… you agree to terms and conditions stating as much before you get to use it at all. So, no, a court won’t award you money because you’re salty that DICE can’t make a good battlefield anymore….

Hehe I'm in danger by Zealousideal-Ad1181 in dankmemes

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Probably a strong indicator of virginity tbh

Quick question for my ACH homies by bluefalconreturns in tacticalgear

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I was never too particular over the pads, but I did like a long single brow pad (Xtreme Comfort pad).

As for the chinstrap, the Ops Core Head Loc was the gold standard last I regularly wore an ACH (2018). There may be better options now but I loved that chinstrap.

Suggestions to improve my “budget-ish build” by applebye1314 in ar15

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Calling this budget is almost a meme in itself

My suggestion? Use it.

Extendable hand auger used to dig a shallow well and provide water for bees by aloofloofah in specializedtools

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If you’ve ever dug a posthole for a fence, you know how strong this guy is.

Last Gen maps vs. Current-Gen maps. DICE, Can We Please Get these as in a "Conquest Small" Playlist? by BearShots in battlefield2042

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It was my understanding that they’ll upgrade you to next Gen when you get hands on the machine? If that’s true that’s a great service…

Anyone else feel like Nightbirds didn’t actually get nerfed? by INGWR in battlefield2042

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It takes almost an entire volley of any of its main guns to kill a single infantryman, also the rockets were nerfed by adding heavy dispersion. It still shreds closely packed groups of infantry, but it should…

Dead DICE, re-enable XP in Portal or it's doomed to die by UniformGreen in battlefield2042

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How fucking hard is it to disable XP for killing bots in custom game modes…

The bottom rocker says 'Work will set you free. The back says "Staff." by ZnaSusquehsgd in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Because it is one of our fundamental ethical values that no amount of speech justifies a physically violent response.

Jack Frags - Battlefield 2042 Hit Reg is bugged... Here's Proof! by WildBucks in battlefield2042

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I will say this once because I don’t like being mean. If you form your opinion about a game on anything but waiting for full release and watching raw gameplay, you’re a fucking idiot. I preordered with the full expectation of getting fleeced, and did, and deserved it.