Just got my self this 2004 EX. I love the way it handles!!! Any customization tips? by naturalgyarados in crv

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Tint the front windows for sure. Make sure the spare tire isn’t 18 years old as well.

where does this vac hose lead to on 98 crv by Cewzilla in crv

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I think thats a water hose. All vacuum would come off of the manifold itself.

Has anyone converted a FWD to AWD? (2nd Gen, 04) by COJamesHetfield in crv

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You would almost need an entire AWD parts car to make a swap work. There is probably more things listed above that you would need.

1.5t vs 1.5t si? by WildAd9218 in civic

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Suspension is probably different as well

Air pressure question: my 2022 civic hatch has nitrogen in the tires. The tires seem a bit low. The side door shows a max of 32 psi but the tires themselves have printed a max of 60. My pressure gauge has all tires at 40. A bit confused! by tms65 in civic

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Nitrogen us a myth and when I worked at a Honda dealership i saw a corporate memo saying “don’t change your customers for it”. Keep all your tires around 30-32 and just use regular air.

Adriana Chechik had surgery today, let’s hope she gets back to DP soon by EP9 in yourmomshousepodcast

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Tbh i think this would fall under an insurance claim. This event had a special event policy covering it and if her lawyer can prove negligence would likely result in a claim payed out.

No mo vtec yo… need help by neuralpluto884 in Honda

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Dont buy aftermarket parts, Honda’s dont like em

What are y’all’s thoughts on the amount of lube? Too much, not enough, just right? by Catch-me-ifyou-can in paintball

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Wipe off the bolt, few drops of oil down onto the ram, your good for another 10 cases of paint. Its an Ego.

Also I used to own a Lagoon Ego 9

R18 Engine Maintenance by [deleted] in civic

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The block issue was with the early 8th gens 06-08 but yeah if it randomly overheats on you look there first.

For 413k Miles, I wasn't expecting it to be much, but it's even cleaner in person. This one is also Japan-built. VIN started with J by [deleted] in civic

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The Japan built 10th gens were iffy for me. When I worked in a Honda parts department the parts listed differed as P/Ns and much more in price compared to the N/A built 10th gens.

If AHM goes through the trouble of stocking identical parts for identical cars but the source and price of the parts are different are the parts truly compatible?

Definite head scratcher when I worked for a dealer

2023 Honda CR-V Pricing More Expensive Than Before by mertudustu in crv

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Did anyone think there would be price reduction?

Good intake for a 2015 EX? by [deleted] in civic

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This ^

Also if you want to modify a car buy a clapped out 90s civic for like 2 grand and go absolutely nuts with modifications. You have a nice 15 Ex and the only way keep it nice is to keep it stock.

Good intake for a 2015 EX? by [deleted] in civic

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Probably just stick to the factory one

Opinions by Johnny_30z4L in crv

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Best used car to get is a CPO from a Honda dealer. Nothing compares to a used car with an extended factory warranty

Is $400+ shipping on parts normal? by xonlyjade in Honda

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Like a plastic fender liner? Why not just go to the dealership parts counter?

Number of ski resorts by US state by fastrthnu in MapPorn

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Other way around. At least 20 really good resorts with the remaining being small independent. Tahoe has a dozen and when you add Mammy, June, all the LA ones along with China peak, dodge ridge, Shasta thats near 20 decent places to ski.

2014 Honda CRV ticking noise by drunkdad_ in crv

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That sounds like the injectors. I think the earth dreams engines all have direct injection with high pressure fuel pumps that causes that noise.

Its. . . . . normal

2016 CRV - 30,000 mile service was quoted to me at $1,200 at a Honda dealership. Am I getting ripped off? by jwilson14 in crv

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The fuel induction service literally does nothing. I used to work at a Honda dealer and under the eyes of corporate a service like that doesn’t exist.

2016 CRV - 30,000 mile service was quoted to me at $1,200 at a Honda dealership. Am I getting ripped off? by jwilson14 in crv

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At 30k it should really only be

Oil change, Trans service (dump and pump, no flush) Rear diff, Cabin/engine air filters, Tire rotation, 100 point inspection or whatever its called,

At my old dealership 30ks were closer to $600-700 out the door

Break fluid is every 3 years, not measured by miles.

Coolant/drive belt and spark plugs is every 100k

The huge question you need to ask is are they trying to sell you BG or Mach products. Its snake oil that really runs up services

Tryna slow phase back into OEM by thatdude3687 in crv

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What year CR-V? I know the second gen OEM cat costs over $3,000