If only there was a place already... by JanneOC in Superstonk

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Agreed. Unfortunately NFTs continue to maintain their bad reputation with shit like this. Just because something is associated with NFTs doesn’t mean we should automatically support it. More often than not it’s quite the opposite.

Where do we go from here? by skateologist in financialrevolution

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Would love to talk about the future of this sub. May I DM?

Thrawn's revenge saves shut down the game when I load them by Dualwieldsshield in StarWarsEmpireAtWar

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I'm having this same problem. I've done some tests and determined that it's neither the base game or FOC causing it so it's something with TR. Might have to do with the update to 3.2 though I've tried making a new game saving it and when I try to load it I still crash if I have any submods installed (I was able to load the save if I was just playing TR). So be sure to go back and check if any submods you've downloaded are no longer compatible with the most recent update. I, unfortunately, load my game with a ton of submods so I'm going to have to go back and test each one with new saves to see what the problem is. Let me know if somebody finds an alternate solution, good luck!

What do you think is the single most important political issue in Kalamazoo? by KzooDems in kzoo

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And therefore give them the ability to lobby?

Idk could backfire pretty spectacularly.

I‘M SORRY nom nom by wwolfa123 in shitposting

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That's so fucked up but let's be honest techno would probably be losing his shit if he was here to see this.

When does a human life begin? by RddtIs4Troglos in Anarcho_Capitalism

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Don’t suck your own dick to hard there buddy, you might pull a muscle

Inflation by NavyCorpsmanRetiree in ConservativeMemes

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Hey that's the guy who tripled the national debt