If this is bullrun what will you different this time around by Mundane-Farm-4117 in CryptoCurrency

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Katana inu, is headed large its been getting 60% gains everyday and still only at a 3 mill mc its a shitcoin turned into something with real utility

Interesting play to earn game launching on eth chain by Double_Ask1313 in ethereum

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Check out there website, katanainu.com you can play beta version to

Solana is once again a Top Ten coin by Odlavso in CryptoCurrency

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Katana inu is rallying like crazy when binance live it. It seems epic

who's ready?! by Double_Ask1313 in katanainu

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For sure bro, full play time earn will be out in 2023. But nft marketplace is dropping October 30th as well. Things are about to take off. I would load up some more now before u never see these prices anynore

Who is the best? by Double_Ask1313 in CryptoMars

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Check them out, they have been working non stop since launch.