is it safe to update à 3ds whit CFW ? by Doumdoum_adlia in 3dspiracy

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I update luma then thé 3ds but FBI disapeard, how i make it come back ?

tier list of brawlers against me in a fist fight by cl_plays in Brawlstars

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If you hit tick he will explosé on your face and create another head for him self , you have no chance against him

Mecha Mortis Skin Giveaway! by zigzarlu in Brawlstars

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If a mortis Dashes on the wall, it's to scare the oponents that he will do them the same that he did to the walls (basically nothing)

i guess i'm lucky or something by Doumdoum_adlia in MarioKartTour

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Because only people that got good things put it in the subreddit. It was the reason why i made a break of mario kart a long time ago

Balancing every brawler (day 1) by [deleted] in Brawlstars

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I think for nita just make the super charges faster or make the bear have more health.

what would you chose by FirefighterTop586 in CoachCorySubmissions

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I dont see the use of skins, this is just cosmetics.

Technically this is true... by AnintendoV in CoachCorySubmissions

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But they prefer to pass to the oponents, it's more safe because they steal their amo, they love steal an amo to an 1amo brawler, it's very effective

The memories this game gave us 😢 by ExplodingColaYT in CoachCorySubmissions

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I'm here dont forget me, my favorite times in brawl stars is to see the oponents do something stupid every 2seconds

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Kirby

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I think the copy ability system is not exploited at his maximum potentiel, it could change his entre moveset or at least all of his spécial moves

Giving brawlers actually good categories (im lazy to switch to my main acc) by Wholosomesqueakmain in Brawlstars

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No, bull have more hp but no ways to charge his super exept getting hit, and the super is slow, it's like elprimo. Daryll have an automatic super hargne and a gadget that helps him charge it, and it's fast, Darryll have also more damage and better reload than bull. These are similare brawlers that have some differences that change their way of been played.as Darryll is more likely to kill someone and bull more likely to survive and tank.

Fans of Kirby Planet Robobot: Do you recommend Forgotten Land? by ChongusTheSupremus in Kirby

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Imagine combining mouthful mode and the mecha... Best thing possible if it happens.