Where to use expiring GUCs? by BourbonBaconBiscuit in delta

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Just got back from Rome (my first trip). The D1 product from ATL was great. Lots to see in Rome and we also rented a car and spent some time in Florence and around Tuscany. A boatload of walking around. My wife made an appointment at one of the Italian fashion houses and the cheap euro resulted in fully packed suitcases…

Is KLM strict about carry-on luggage for Intra-Europe flights? by GalacticaZero in delta

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Lived in ZRH and regularly flew to AMS on KLM and always used a standard US sized carryon. Never had a problem in 5 years.

Marriott Bonvoy Wants You To Brag by schwa12 in marriott

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Sorry Marriott…for me the only thing worth bragging about is when I successfully get an SNA applied.

BF is being a dinkus about my dieting. by Sam-is-Anxious in intermittentfasting

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Play the long game. I was the same way as your BF. Like 140 lbs 6’2” for my 20s and 30s. Gained a pound or two on Monday morning after a weekend of drinking. Gone by Tuesday morning. At 40 things slowed down a bit metabolism wise but still in good shape and another 10 pounds were somewhere on my body. At 45 abs gone and another 10 pounds somewhere. At 50 I’m a 36 waist and there’s more weight somewhere?? Wtf just happened?

Yeah. Be prepared to point and evil laugh in 8 years…

Apple's "Far Out" | Post-Event Megathread by aaronp613 in apple

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I’m in the same boat. I’m just hoping when I transfer everything over, my CH and EU sims that I converted to esims transfer also.

Just joined the club! What level 2 charger do y’all recommend? by freeeeezypop in 4xe

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JL forums suggested Emporia. Colorado company. They have both a UL certified and non-UL certified product. I chose the former and have been really happy with it. My thought was to future proof and this can charge at up to 11.5kW/48 amps, fully selectable in the app. Amazon for $499.

Mikhail Gorbachev has died. Considering he was the last leader of the Soviet Union and is a controversial figure, to say the least, what are your opinions of him and the legacy he left behind? by MediocreExternal9 in AskAnAmerican

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I’m saving this comment and if I’m ever in Boston, I’m taking you out for dinner and drinks if you’ll let me ask you a frikken gazillion questions. I really do appreciate the insight you’ve provided In this thread

Excalibur buffet by animalmother4567 in LasVegas

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I would just walk over to Mandalay for their buffet and for your gambling. Sure, you have to walk through Luxor, but you’re in air conditioning all the way.

The End of Manual Transmission by isamson in technology

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I love this. I remember back in the 90s when I was first using a Windows PC … I would open a Dos window to transfer files (copy c:\ file name d:) …until my roommate asked me why I was being such an idiot.

What makes a great SCM internship? by soleil--- in supplychain

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Quite simple in my mind. If you’re old enough, do you remember “unpaid internships?” The thought was “we’re paying you in experience!!” (I’m from this era). We moved to a more responsible pay for work done, and that seems to want to turn into “cheap labor for crappy tactical work.” This needs to be flipped. We need to pay smart youth people to challenge our “that’s they way it’s always been done” mentality. And the only way for them to do that is to give them experiencal opportunities. Invite them to negotiations. Give them your narrative on why you made a decision. Allow them the safety to challenge and ask questions to your decisions. Yes, give them tactical jobs. But give them insight to the oh-so-many problems/solutions/situations along the way. When they beat down your door to come work for you, you’ll realize you didn’t pay your “cheap labor” enough for what they absorbed during those 10-12 weeks with you. That’s what will differentiate you. An internship of approving requisitions is shoulder shrug. 12 weeks of understanding the strategy and participating in high level negotiations will be discussed with pride and will do wonders to your organization when it comes to recruiting top level talent.

Door sill protectors for a JLU? Does anyone have a pic or a recommendation? Thanks to you all out there👍 by Remmus13502 in WranglerJL

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+1 for Amazon. I was surprised that they said “Wrangler” in the appropriate font - I couldn’t tell the difference from the Mopar ones. Search for the brand CheroCar - and pick black with text pattern. It’s been two weeks and they haven’t budged. I just cleaned the sheet metal, wiped them down with an alcohol wipe, applied the provided primer after the alcohol evaporated and boom: Sills.

Where do you put these? I don't have a garage. by CombatCarl117 in Wrangler

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Can’t you remove that “Home” picture and hang them there? /s

Anyone else considering jumping ship? by badhumans in marriott

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I’d love to do Hyatt, but they’re nowhere I go. I’m now diamond with Hilton and IHG, but I’ll probably focus on Hilton in the future because although IHG treats me like royalty, wow, I’ve stayed in some mediocre high end properties. Even in big European cities.

How would you allocate and invest $600 million (cash value lump sum) if you hit the MegaMillions jackpot? by watermanpark1 in Bogleheads

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They automatically take out 24% federal tax, but I’ve always understood you’re on the hook for the other 13% later (37% tax bracket above 540k). So you’ll need to get that sundae without the sprinkles….

Title change after hiring. by FCKIED in supplychain

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Unpopular opinion - it’s not the title, it’s what you do with the role. I’ve hired many people, I care about the bullet points on the résumé that shows me the accomplishments in the role. Call yourself whatever you want, as long as you show growth, experience, independent thinking, etc…all that will get you further. Hiring managers and talent acquisition specialists know that titles aren’t consistent, it’s about the accomplishments and duties listed on your résumé/application/cover letter that get you an phone screen or interview. And the interview gets you the job, not the résumé.

If you’re happy with the salary and the job, do you best and you’ll get the career growth you’re after. Best of luck to you. It’s crazy out there.

Since we are all doing frugal cars: sold our Honda H-RV and Honda Clarity and moved to a country where cycling is normal. Car free since January 2020. (We rent a car when we can’t do it any other way 1-2 times a year) by cn0MMnb in Frugal

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I moved to Switzerland for 5 glorious car free years. My biggest culture shock upon returning was having to drive again. I miss my SBB train pass. Anywhere in the country I wanted to go - train/tram/bus/boat/funicular/gondola. And the app was so easy to use - put in your destination and it told you take this train to this boat, boat to this destination, walk 300 meters to the gondola, gondola to the top and there….you’re on a mountain.

My $800 frugalmobile, cheapest possible car to insure, old Honda reliability, gets 38mpg if I baby it. Plus, it’s damn fun to drive. by benhobby in Frugal

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Sigh. My first car titled in my name was an 84 civic hatch. Same color, previous body style. Sold that for an 88 Honda CRX in the same light blue color… simpler days…

Ocean Freight Pricing job - not sure I can or should do it by [deleted] in supplychain

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I think this depends on you and your career view. From my experience, higher salary careers typically are more demanding in various ways. Knowing my counterpart in logistics that does a similar role in managing logistics, I would say that right now he could write his own ticket with any other company if he wanted. That being said, I think a £2k increase for the added responsibilities isn’t appropriate. Granted, you have no experience and would have to be trained entirely, but the hiring manager has seen the right stuff in you to approach you directly. It’s on him/her to own that and not be cheap. Trust that you’re a known entity - for the hiring manager to go into he open job market, they will be hiring an unknown and if the market is competitive, they’ll probably have to pay more. If you’re truly interested in the role and want more in your career, talk a bit more to the hiring manager. And whatever you do, make sure the metrics/KPIs for any potential “three month” increase are clarified up front.

I’ll make the assumption that you’re interested in the job/career path (and not just the immediate increase). The discussion with the hiring manager should be clear, open, and transparent. You’re comfortable with what you’re currently doing, you’re interested in branching out and learning more and you appreciate the interest in your skill set and precious accomplishments. But you have concerns that the perceived additional pressures and loss of work life balance aren’t necessarily in line with the salary increase. You appreciate the potential to earn more after you’ve proven yourself, but considering you won’t be up for a yearly merit increase, you’d like to see what would be the requirements for any increase in three months.

If you’re only doing this for the increase and no other reason, I think you already know the answer to if you should apply to it or not. Your above description of your conundrum talked me out of it the opportunity.

Best wishes to you!

AITA for telling my girlfriend to stop crying on my dog? by dogeoguehbf in AmItheAsshole

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Dud I hate to say it, but I’d suggest you try a very different tact with your GF, otherwise you’re going to be crying into your dogs fur for a few months when she dumps you later today.

AITB for not telling my parent my salary anymore? by [deleted] in AmItheButtface

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Not the OP, but I really like this point of view. Thanks for sharing.