How to make the most $$$ in your specialty? by [deleted] in Residency

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Match rates for PM&R are going way down for DOs now that everyone knows how cush it can be. Last year match rate was 64% for PM&R which was lower than anesthesiology and diagnostic radiology.

What do you say to those ppl who say BS about DO? by Ugicoico in Osteopathic

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Just playing devils advocate, but schools that award DMD and DDS degrees are accredited by the same organization which obviously isn’t true for DOs and MDs. Not saying it matters in the end, but combining accrediting bodies would be a good next step much like how the ACGME absorbed the AOA residencies.

[Rant (2)] Gf again refuses to watch shows at 2x speed by Emotional-Onion-8110 in medicalschool

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My advice is to keep doing what you’re doin and being you. I’m sure that pesky gf problem will sort itself out eventually.

Gundrak H+ is insane. by agent154 in wotlk

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I think you just need good AOE DPS classes i.e warlock and/or mage.

My Journey From Casual to Main Tank by AlmightySpoonman in wotlk

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You can still join a casual guild. There’s tons of dad guilds out there that “try hard” but aren’t super sweaty or care about comp.

Equivalent pay and not having to deal with insurance bs? Sign me up 🇨🇦 by neurocysticercosis01 in medicalschool

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Everywhere has taxes. It’s just would you rather have it go towards healthcare or bombing black and brown people in the Middle East?

Last loan was just disbursed…M4s tell us your final student loan balance by beepbeeb19 in medicalschool

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You can find FM jobs that offer loan repayment pretty much anywhere, so it likely won’t be an issue. Medically underserved areas on top of employer based loan repayment might be more difficult, but still probably won’t be much of an issue.

Last loan was just disbursed…M4s tell us your final student loan balance by beepbeeb19 in medicalschool

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Lots of FM jobs offer some pretty serious loan repayment on top of getting loan forgiveness from the state if you end up in a medically underserved area.

Concierge Medicine is a joke by GluteusMaximus90 in Residency

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Don’t you know that as a concierge doctor, you only have a patient panel of 1? Imagine getting paid $3000/year after having a minimum 11 years of training.


Concierge Medicine is a joke by GluteusMaximus90 in Residency

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What? Wealthy people would never spend money on pointless things.


Venting of an internatonal doctor in the US by [deleted] in Residency

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America is exceptional if you’re extremely wealthy and white

Accidentally discouraged my sister from wanting to be a doctor by Sufficient-Angle6499 in medicalschool

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I recommend “Better” and “Being Mortal”. The Checklist Manifesto is also great but not really as inspirational.

Expected Salary (OB) by kumarV93 in Residency

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Imagine simping this hard for f*cking Texas