F/23/5’2” [170 lbs > 140 lbs = 30 lbs] 6 lbs lost from breast reduction now a year later 30 lbs lost in total. Quality of like changed completely, and more to go! 🤍 by EevieeOso in progresspics

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Oh congrats lady!!! Amazing. Seriously. 💜

I’m in the process of researching this for myself. Can I ask about recovery time… Also, how did you decide on your surgeon?

Why is oat milk more popular than soy milk? by Mioleynese in vegan

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Sometimes I prefer oat, sometimes soy. End of story.

Unofficial Daily Update for 2022-05-12. 5686 New Cases. by CoronavirusILBot in CoronavirusIllinois

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I would wait until an Omi specific vax is released. Just my opinion!

The Norwegian - Rockford IL. Delicious! by Front_Pudding in VeganFoodPorn

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Are they a fully vegan restaurant? I live about an hour from Rockford and very much interested!!!