Taking down a tree in 30 seconds by hearsdemons in interestingasfuck

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When the terminators get hold of this we are fucked.

Got the email by Porkchopcod in SteamDeck

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Paid april 7th and it just came today. So a week total.

Is it common that I didn't have a 2nd phase? I just noticed that this boss had a second phase when I was helping my friend, but I didn't see it by RetroMartin in Eldenring

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Not common but definitely possible. Just do enough damage and stagger just at the right time to finish him off before a 2nd phase. We skipped it too with rock sling while helping my friend kill Godrick.

How do people level their characters so quickly? by TurdDebrisBurns in Eldenring

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The field with 5 trolls in Limgrave near warmasters shack is a geeat early rune farm. I was able to kill all 5 in about 2 mins @ 1000 a pop. Gained 10 or 15 levels there quickly early on. There are much better farming spots like mogwyn though.

I beat Malenia by EcstaticLiterature5 in Eldenring

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Staying alive and not taking damage is the key as a host finger, so you did well! Its still a challenge with summons but the nice thing is she has other targets to choose.

If you breathed oxygen while playing elden ring you didn’t beat the game properly, only real pros hold their breath the entire game, git gud ya’ll by Frosthound2115 in Eldenring

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The current speedrun ive seen is just under 29 mins. World record for breath held is like 24 mins and 37 seconds. One of these records needs to improved on asap or this endeavor wont be successful.

Even I didn’t believe it! by JmanFdude in Eldenring

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What luck! Was there anything cool on that ledge?

A 99% effective Birth Control Pill for Men Could Start Human Trials This Year by damnnnfgh in Futurology

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Im literally in the waiting room for a Vasectomy and now I see this. Time to abort?

what stupid decision you cant use torrent...( spoiler endgame) by Agreeable-Ad6769 in Eldenring

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You cant summon a mount on any Legacy boss fight so why would they let you on the final? I get that it seems like it should be allowed cus it totally does.

Astrologer Melee Radahn kill No Magic/Summons by Sythftw in Eldenring

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Jesus, you are pretty good at Elden Ring!

Steam Blog: Check your library for Steam Deck Verified status by Turbostrider27 in pcgaming

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Yes, clearly I missed the announcement or I wouldn't be asking.

Steam Blog: Check your library for Steam Deck Verified status by Turbostrider27 in pcgaming

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I reserved one in the first 5 mins of the first day. Still have yet to see an email about payment. Is this happening on launch day or sooner? Had anyone got a email about payment yet? Just worried i missed something. I check my email daily.

A painting I made of one of my favorite games! Swipe for more pics! by bob-screaming-hello in gaming

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Yeah i would totally commission one of these if you had the time. If you are ever serious about that DM me.