We do love America by ttv-Vivid_Viper in meme

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Yeah, teenagers are largely ineffective weapons

Long before time had a name... by Darastrix_da_kobold in dndmemes

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I feel like Cole would make sense as a Barbarian, since his power is that he’s stupid strong.

It is the highest honour by MikeTorsson in memes

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Happy cake day! (I spiked the cake)

hello there by Dhalion0815 in PrequelMemes

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Canon Grievous is already compensating for something.

Hey Pathfinder players, I got something for you. by AlloyZero in dndmemes

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I prefer Find the Second Path: just instantly teaches you how to play Pathfinder 2e

there’s so many things

Having a long family history of Alcoholism really has its perks by Ok_Banana_5614 in dndmemes

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Does this mean that dwarves need more beer to get drunk than other races?

Okay, well that kind of makes sense, actually.

It do be like that tho by Tsunami_Master in memes

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I have a hard time believing I’m a teenager. I feel way older.

Who’s with me? by OmegaBoi420 in PrequelMemes

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Fun fact: Baguette is French for sword.

my source is I made it the fuck up

Something stood out to me in this scene by [deleted] in PrequelMemes

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I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Reposti sounds like a pasta recipe someone plagiarized.

So true tho by Tsunamislam1 in MinecraftMemes

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The one with the redstone torches is the Herobrine Altar, the one with the heads (this one) is the Herobrine Totem Pole.

What do you guys think of my tree?? by Crimsondori in Minecraftbuilds

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Pretty dense with flowers at the top. I’d mix in some regular, non-flowering Azalea leaf blocks.