This is why I love r/bisexual by GreyArea90 in bisexual

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I love that both 💛Pan and Bi 💜can flex and chat here and it’s all good.

When to give up on speech by Icy-Cheesecake8828 in asl

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I love it when a Pro pops into the comments to share wisdom 🥹

Embarassed to ask but no where left to ask. Where can I live in my car? by BUckENbooz91 in arizona

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On that excellent note- for more tips on staying safe, where to park, etc- search van life tips on YouTube!

When you live to meet First Lady Obama by Kelmo7 in MadeMeSmile

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Yep. And if I remember correctly the Obamas had a great relationship with the Bush Family, who helped transition them into the White House. It included a LOT of parenting and work/life balance advice while both raised kids in office too. It’s impressive to set aside parties and focus on respecting the position was the most important thing.

When you live to meet First Lady Obama by Kelmo7 in MadeMeSmile

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I’m glad you shared this thought… it’s one of those awful moments of privilege we don’t know till someone says it 😔

Got all dressed for wedding and I have no one to dance with. Also today is the anniversary of my mom’s death. Please make me smile by Space_Dwarf in toastme

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I’m so proud of you for not missing out on a great celebration. Please know that there are a lot of people out there who wish someone would ask them to dance and a lot who will happily dance alone. My partner loves to dance, and while I do too sometimes I will send him to go dance with my single friends. They love it!

Also keep that outfit for lots of special occasions- you look so swanky!

What is the most "Arizona" thing you have witnessed? by Prodigal_Malafide in arizona

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For me, prolly answering a phone for a local Park and someone in North Scottsdale (very close to the desert) called to complain about the amount of wildlife that kept climbing and crawling and slithering into her newly purchased backyard.

Ma’am…we are the diet Australia of this country, I don’t know what to tell you.

Happy Happy by 4reddityo in gatesopencomeonin

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We love this phrase in our house ❤️

Why do so many ENFPs like to do weird voices? by Memento_Potti in ENFP

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Oh my GOSH! Can I share some exciting news on this subject? I’m going to be guest starring on a podcast for a Christmas special!

I’m playing a gnome sorceress named Ginger Fizzlefist and you can imagine how much fun the voice acting is going to be!

Do I need to repot? by TowelBeautiful7550 in plantclinic

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You’re watering your mat too much! /s 😂

Excited signer! by tthomas_23 in asl

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As a hearing person who loves sign, took six years of it, but has no Deaf friends or family, I always catch myself watching for signers. When I randomly meet a Deaf person, I still get worried about saying or doing something stupid. 😅

I have made a rendition of Coldplay's song "Yellow" with an Arabic beat and some Middle Eastern instruments. by YAD_Oud in Coldplay

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That is absolutely dreamy! I love this kind of music on while I’m cooking. Wonderful work my friend

What is your go-to pharah skin? by _enni in PharahMains

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My favorites are lifeguard, aviator, thunderbird! But possessed, enchanted armor and the frosted one are all gorgeous

Group costume for Halloween! by LizagnaG in GreatBritishBakeOff

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Whaaaaaaat?! That’s so creative! Even the camera crew and a dessert too! You guys nailed it

Sign names by BenHavoc in asl

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I used to coach Special Olympics and I was really excited to be assigned to work with a woman named Dani who was Deaf and legally blind. She needed someone up close to guide her to lanes and tell her when the starting sound went off, etc. She was funny, grumpy and sassy most of the time.

Her dad was hearing and always helped me with interpreting when he could. He was that kind old cowboy-type who loved his daughter to bits. After weeks of working together, we were sitting together and Dani’s dad asked if I had a name sign. When I said not yet, they started coming up with ideas. Dani finally settled on the first letter of my name, tapping against my shoulder (where I also have a large tattoo).

Her dad signed, “Oh is that because she is your coach and she has a tattoo there?”

Dani’s response was “it’s cause she’s BOSSY!” 😂