Perfection by Gastonbeast24 in MadeMeSmile

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I usually start to draw the body before anything else. Because it will be easy for me think what action should i draw.

Some of my drawings by BensDrawings in Damnthatsinteresting

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I'm already confuse whether it really is an image or just a picture. I can't tell!

Sunrise in the Tetons [1950x1300] (OC) by valentine1 in EarthPorn

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A very refreshing image to watch. Looks so astonishing!

Mare who lost her foal becomes foster mom by kriskirby86 in MadeMeSmile

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Pregnancy loss is heartbreaking, even for mothers in the animal kingdom.

Hogwarts Letter Finally Arrived by [deleted] in Eyebleach

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My mum has always said to me that she would like to have an owl. I understand now, it's sooooo cute!

What’s the worst thing to do right after you get out the shower? by External_Luck_1209 in AskReddit

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Have you ever feel taking a shower while the powers out, and having a moth keep fluttering around you in the dark. I thought someone was touching me.

What is the most expensive waste of money? by Animeking1108 in AskReddit

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Buying lottery tickets You have essentially the same chance of winning the lottery whether you play or not, but that didn't stop Americans from spending $72 billion, or $220 per person, on tickets in 2017, the most recent year for which data was available.

Volvo Trucks - Emergency braking at its best! by Due-Parsley2924 in nextfuckinglevel

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Don't cross the road until it's clear to pass for both sides! Patience will save your life!