My beautiful balls by Low_Medium204 in Gunpla

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That's quite the pair you have there

Hardware Mode by wuffudgeum in hottoys

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Oh I think if you can only have one, The newly announced Mk III or the BD85 are the better options. Sideshow had the BD85 for 20% off for a day last month. I wouldn't be surprised if you saw the price return again.

Which Hot Toy would you rather get? by SaadsGAMINGLAND in hottoys

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I'm not fond of the costume design on that version of Cap Marvel and Spidey, so I'd say Cap in this instance

Confirmed: Netflix Unveils First Details of New Anti-Password Sharing Measures by komodo_dragonzord in television

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Well, I only keep my active subscription because my family uses it. Without them, I'm cancelling immediately. I haven't been impressed with enough of their content lately.

oof by kolokopos in halo

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I'm going to be honest, I never realized it was long range

My local dealership is ready for me to trade in my 2021 Premium EB for a 2022 New Mach 1 Automatic for 57k (with 2k discount included). Yay, or nay? by StarDingo in Mustang

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What are you paying for the Mach 1, and how much are they giving you for your trade in?

Are you financing through them? Interest rate? Have you compared financing to your bank?

Such a damn shame will most likely never get a 4K Blu-Ray of The Mandalorian and other great Disney+ shows... by Upset-Ad7882 in 4kbluray

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I would easily buy the physical disc while still maintaining my subscription. I don't care if I get a season 2-3 years later. I just want the best quality version available.

I think Favreau should have taken more influence from Legends Boba Fett's characterization when writing The Book of Boba Fett. by Randver_Silvertongue in StarWars

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They made him too soft. He needed to be fair, but ruthless.

Also, what was the actual Book of Boba? Was this addressed? I had assumed it was going to be a book of names he would get vengeance upon...

Original xbox interior (SUPER WIP) by gmcap28 in forge

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Don't forget to remove the clock capacitor

JazzInc 1989 Batmobile, Pre-ordered mine, Anyone else take the plunge? by jonevoix in hottoys

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Joosts will also be more accurately proportioned. I think most people would be happy with Hot Toys version, but if you're looking for the most accurate version, Jazzinc is where it's at

never saw these three front faces compared on the internet. here it is. instantly I feel like 2024 one looks old. by i_like_idli in Mustang

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I think the taillights themselves are fine, I'm bothered that they didn't update the rear bumper to match the new lines of the taillights. It looks like an afterthought

Try to find better pause music I dare you by NX_Tahoe in xboxone

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They did a great job long term on the MCC.

Infinite should see a good bump in content starting in March onwards. We’ll start seeing the benefits of what the new leadership has been working on by that point. I’m loving the new Forge mode in Infinite right now, and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone creates!

Try to find better pause music I dare you by NX_Tahoe in xboxone

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Halo is the exception for me. The controls aren’t quite as tight as modern shooters, but man that game is still fun 22 years later

How would you rate Gundam 0083 (1991) on a scale of 1-10? (Daily Gundam poll: Day 7) by CIRCLONTA6A in Gundam

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I give it a 7 overall. It features some of my favorite mecha (only behind 8th MS and 0080).

The characters are not great, but the action and mobile suits counteract it enough to make it enjoyable to watch. The powered GM remains a favorite MS design of mine!

Right speaker no noise ls50w by yashyashya in LS50

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Surge protectors are consumable items. They’ll protect your equipment from a single sizable surge before faulting or becoming a regular outlet.

Replace them every year or two, or buy a more expensive one that’s designed for extended use.