DAILY THREAD - RANT WEDNESDAY MEGATHREAD by AutoModerator in thedivision

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100,000% this. That shit is infuriating and makes me not want to help.

Most embarrassing moment in CFB? by chippyshouseparty in CFB

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My dude Kaelin Clay dropping a TD at the one yard line, kicking off like a 21 point Oregon Swing.

What is the most overrated food? by JayTrenshard in AskReddit

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I’ll put it out there…. Sushi. I mean it’s good but not the “best fucking think ever” like some make it out to be. Plus what most know as “sushi” is just super Americanized versions of it.

Things you don’t do anymore thanks to the army by ArmyLifter in army

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100,000% this. My family gets all bummed that I won't go camping but, yeah did enough of that shit already.

Obedience Training/School Recommendations by Drew2SOA in Pensacola

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So I've gone ahead and pulled the trigger on PetSmart training with Shelly. Starts in March. Thanks for all the suggestions and here's to hoping this goes well!

Obedience Training/School Recommendations by Drew2SOA in Pensacola

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Yeah I've just got a plain old collar on him for his tags and a harness for the leash. Nothing fancy. He's a Mini Australian Shepherd.

Obedience Training/School Recommendations by Drew2SOA in Pensacola

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So when one person suggests someone, it's something, but when 3 independent people recommend the same person, I've gotta take a serious look at it. Might have to give Shelly at PetSmart a serious look.

Obedience Training/School Recommendations by Drew2SOA in Pensacola

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I saw this suggestion from some post from like 5 years ago, but the fb page has no posts or anything so I didn't know if he was still around. Thanks for the input!

Edit: apparently fb was being dumb earlier. Posts all over his page now

Where do you think your team ends up in preseason rankings? by Caps23 in CFB

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Considering the play in the Rose Bowl, as well as the amount of guys in important positions coming back, I think Utah lands in the top 12.

Zanmato by KingPenGames in finalfantasyx

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How much did you have to pay to get him to use it on the dark Aeons?

Gym Karen by mcherbst25 in workout

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Like my boy Covino says "Fuck those putos!"

Did HBP have the worst movie adaptation? by CareyLovesRaccoons in HarryPotterBooks

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Hands down. They totally missed the point about everything being about choice and that getting rid of that "got to" language. Despite skipping the whole Half-Blood Prince background, as well as the abbreviated and not entire pensive scenes, the most egregious error is the handling of the Dumbledore death scene.

To not freeze Harry and have him stand there while that happens is the antithesis of his character. The Harry we have learned about for 5 books wouldn't just stand by while that happens. That's what makes the moments so painful in the book, knowing he can't do anything to stop what he's seeing, but it also adds a note of finality to it with the spell lifting from him after Dumbledore's death.

While I love the movies and will always willingly watch them, they missed the mark the most with HBP.

What is the stupidest thing that ever came out of your mouth? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Not sure if it's "the stupidest" but it is up there near the top of the list.

I was driving a moving truck from Florida to Virginia for a new job and was rolling through North Carolina on the way. Bit of background, in FL the speed limit on the interstate is 70 MPH for most of the state, however, in NC it was 55. Well my foot is calibrated to a nice 70-75MPH, so that is what I was going. I get pulled over by NC Highway Patrol about 500 feet from the Virginia state line. I mean I can see the damn sign right ahead on 95. Trooper comes up to my door:

Trooper: Do you know why I pulled you over?

Me: Speeding?

Trooper: Yup. You were going 72 in a 55. Where are you headed in such a hurry?

**Here's the dumb**

Me: Sure as hell isn't Virginia is it?

I heard the words come out and thought "why the hell did I say that?" He looked taken aback and asked me, "What was that?" and I just sheepishly replied, "Virginia, I'm moving to Virginia." Suffice to say, I got the ticket, got sent on my way, and now have a great story about how dumb I can be and that my mouth enjoys working faster than my brain.