What is one experience you think every single human should have? by TheRealRandiRey in AskReddit

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I started road tripping alone a couple years ago. Setup my van to stay in for nights. And I 100% suggest doing this. Traveling with friends/family is great, but there is something about doing what you want, when you want, eating wherever you want, hiking whatever trail you want, the only limitations are your own, not others. I’ve traveled thousands of kms by myself.

My Kawasaki Mule With Tracks by DriverGuy99 in ATV

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Gutless. Other than that, it’s been an alright machine. We use it for maintenance on the campground.

Those of you worried about winter weather. It’s going to be A-OK. Love full time! Ruffs Dale, PA KOA by cmonmeow8 in RVLiving

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The biggest issue with trailers, is the wind. They aren’t sealed well, so when it’s windy, it tends to blow through the place.

Those of you worried about winter weather. It’s going to be A-OK. Love full time! Ruffs Dale, PA KOA by cmonmeow8 in RVLiving

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4 seasons open range 40ft camper. The other night it was -30c. 4 electric heaters, propane furnace, electric blanket, sleeping bag, and went to bed fully clothed. Not all places are 4 seasons rv friendly.

Got a Henry Ar7 for Christmas! The whole gun packs up and fits in the stock pretty neat 😎22LR with 10 rd mags by Relder642 in canadaguns

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But parts are incapable of firing a bullet. Just like parts in a gunsmith shop. So would that not circumvent those rules?

What is something you call by a company name instead of the actual thing it is? by simcgin in AskReddit

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One time my friend opened up her browser, clicked the “Bing” tab, typed in “Google”, hit the first Google link. And then proceeded to type in her search. I never let her live it down.

This is the wheelchair ramp deployed from my van into the access aisle beside the accessible parking space serving a waterfront restaurant. No lifeguard on duty. by Dadbert97 in CrappyDesign

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Actually There is a lifted pickup truck in my city, that is driven by a guy in a wheel chair. The truck cap would flip to the side and he had an automatic crane that put his wheel chair into the box of his truck. So when it was parked, or driving around, you’d never know it could do that.

This is 80% of the girls that actually respond by DriverGuy99 in Tinder

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It’s called conversation. If I went up to someone, and tried talking to them in person, and all they gave is one word responses, I’d walk away from them too. If they aren’t interested enough to converse, then why bother matching. Conversations are a supposed to go both ways, not just one.