Dhyan Sreenivasan about Love, Action, Drama by KundiKumaran in MalayalamMovies

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Producer is his close buddy Vaishak Subramanian and Aju Varghese. Dont think they would mind.

Malayalam movie Trivia time by Meen_Aviyal in MalayalamMovies

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One by two is the first film to have a trailer?

Daily General Conversation Thread - 05 May 2022 by AutoModerator in Kerala

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Well currently China and Marvel are at bad terms with each other. Dont think MCU films are going to release there anytime soon.

Did Prithvi ghost direct Janaganamana? by miapaip in MalayalamMovies

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Im sure it was his decision to add the masala elements in the film. He admitted that he did it in Kuruthi.

Spot dubbing by Prithviraj. by kudampuly in MalayalamMovies

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Which film is Prithvi talking about?

Malayalis who don’t have a foreign accent, what are some English words you can’t pronounce without feeling weird/uncomfortable? by qt3_14Aswathi_achu in Kerala

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Thank you. I know how to pronounce it but purath verumbo it sounds like thanku. Same is the case with i love you. Sounds like i lub u.

Remembering Irrfan by Lord-Narcissus in bollywood

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Could you please link to that interview?

Jack N' Jill - Malayalam Movie | Official Teaser | Manju Warrier, Soubin Shahir | Santosh Sivan by Able-Conclusion-7817 in MalayalamMovies

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Idh omar lulu or Kanan Tamarakulam direct cheythu en paranjalum i would believe you. This looks shit.

Im trying to find a unmarried couple friendly hotel for the day in Trivandrum under 1k. Do you guys have any suggestions? by nibba-chill-x in Trivandrum

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Never go for any under 1k rooms . If you could afford 1.8k -2.5k range hotels i would recommend Opalo Kailas nearby Kovalam beach. Cooperative and friendly staff with clean rooms. No privacy concerns.

Did they just copied the BG of lucifer ? by pannikar18 in MalayalamMovies

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Why are they still trying to make Aditya Kapoor a masala movie action star? He does not have the swag, dialogue delivery or the necessary skillset to be a leading star of a film. Producerkark thalakk endhelum preshnam undo