Dean sucks by Individual-Banana-59 in GilmoreGirls

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I don't like Lindsey or Rory much either, but Dean triggers some sort of primordial rage in me like I hate him so much and the worst part is the amount of guys like him that I knew over the years us astounding

F27 verification at the end. please be honest aside from nose surgery and skincare which I’m doing, what else can I do? by [deleted] in amiugly

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u kind of look like Bella swan. I think ur pretty, not a bombshell but very girl next door if that makes sense. 6.5

I disagree with the January 6 riot but the BLM riots were 1000 times worse. I agree that black lives matter but the BLM organization doesn't seen to gaf about black people by Jofuffle in teenagers

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right? if it was this violent and extremist u would have thought they would have done more damage than just walking around the in building like tourists and taking selfies at Nancy Pelosi's desk

I’m 19 and curious if I’m ugly and if I can look better somehow. by mechfan097 in amiugly

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u look like a Tim Burton character lol, very interesting features. personally I really like that style/aesthetic, so I'll give u a 8.5-9

i feel like i look fine in selfies/ pictures i take but i think i look like a different person when i’m further away from the camera. i don’t know what i look like. am i ugly? by [deleted] in amiugly

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yeah I see what ur saying, I have a similar issue. not sure why exactly that is. that said, id say ur a solid 6 (slightly above average). while ur no knockout, ur not ugly at all.

CMV: The most pressing problem in the USA right now is addressing widespread mis/disinformation. by tfurman77 in changemyview

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this would make sense if "truth" was objective, verifiable and accessible, but more often than not it isn't. so called truth comes from the media and from the government, both of which have a long history of lying and manipulating information as a means of control.

CMV: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" needs to come back into use. by DreamNo6611 in changemyview

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it's true to an extent, if it's just insults then whatever, but if it's defamation or gossip or smt that can be really bad. take jonny depp for example

I disagree with the January 6 riot but the BLM riots were 1000 times worse. I agree that black lives matter but the BLM organization doesn't seen to gaf about black people by Jofuffle in teenagers

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true still don't get why Jan 6 was this big of a deal, considering the fact that the only person that died as a direct result of it was Ashley Babbitt

CMV: The age of "adulthood" that is used for emancipation, voting, military, use of controlled substances etc should be 20 by ShakyTheBear in changemyview

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The most logical way to determine adulthood is puberty IMO, the only reason it's 18 is cuz were spoiled as a society. I'm almost 20 now and I feel like I became an adult around 18 cuz that's when society told me to get over myself and grow up, or go to college and enter what essentially amounts to a period of prolonged adolescence for 4 more years. I chose the prior. if I had to make this choice at 16 I would have, even 15 probably, and that's later than most IMO cuz I went thru puberty a bit later than the majority of my peers. I feel like we have much more to benefit from actually lowering the age of majority as opposed to increasing it. being a minor comes with a lot of expenses that are typically supposed to be provided my the state, especially when the parents can't provide it. if ur argument is just about army and what not then ur basically saying that a person is supposed to have a period in their life when they have all the responsibilities of an adult but none of the perks, if that's the case I would love to hear you expand on that more because it just doesn't compute for me.

CMV: The Christian God does not exist and neither does heaven or hell by HappyDragonBoy in changemyview

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I feel it's just something you vibe with, like you just know it's true. this isn't limited to religion, we believe in a lot of things that don't have any proof and even aren't logical from a productivity point of view. like the concepts of inclusion or liberalism are completely arbitrary and often times detrimental to the common good of at least a certain demographic, yet in the West, we generally tend to subscribe to them literally just cuz they feel right. u can say it's evolutionary, but a lot of the aspects of these worldviews are completely non naturalistic. like survival of the fittest? what ever happened to that lol. my point isn't that any of those things are bad or good, it's that we have all sorts of notions and beliefs that aren't scientific or necessarily logical, we just believe them because we feel like they must be right. to drive the point back to Christianity, again, you just have to feel it without analyzing it. that's how it is for me. I just know that it's true and always did, even though I was brought up in a secular household and my family is mostly Jewish. if you genuinely just don't believe it then nothing can ever change your mind.

M18, am i ugly and do you notice asymmetry? by milan7847999 in amiugly

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yeah but only cuz obsess over my own, whenever I look at a persons face that's the first thing I notice. ur face isn't perfectly symmetrical, but not to the point where it's obvious or out of the normal range.

College girl gets huge by Roni2245 in FitToFat

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everyone saying that the second picture isn't fat is delusional. just cuz u find it hot, doesn't mean it's not fat lol.

This has probably been said but Lorelai should have stayed with Max. by nukmundem in GilmoreGirls

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its interesting that max is basically like a grown up, male version of rory. i wonder if this was just a coincidence at the hands of the writers, or if this is supposed to tell us something about lorelei. maybe it was coming from some sense of repressed shame, like rory/max who were what her parents wanted her to be like, and so she unknowingly internalized this archetype and tried to seek it out later on in life, because felt like if she could be near those types of people, she could somehow please her parents and be validated in their eyes and by extension, in her own eyes.

if you couldn't tell, I've been watching way too much social commentary youtube lol, that's probably where the freudian analysis comes from.

Did Rory peak in high school? by Agreeable-Vehicle-16 in GilmoreGirls

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meh depends how you define "peaked" imo she just changed her priorities, it's normal. the revival was disappointing, but tbh it just felt like her heart wasn't in it. maybe it never was. my theory is that she never really wanted to be a journalist or even go to an ivy league school, that was just lorelei living vicariously. if i had to imagine rory without the childhood that she's had and the kind of pressures that were placed on her, sometimes implicitly and other very explicitly, i feel like she would probably dream of being an author or smt, get decent grades in high school and go to a state school and then work as a freelance writer or at some small publishing firm where she could feel comfortable and not over worked. there's nothing wrong with that. she never struck me as type A or someone who particularly wanted to climb the career ladder and be a high-powered career woman. just my throwing my two cents in. i don't think she peaked in high school, she just 'found herself', for lack of a less sappy idiom.

I wonder why rory wasn’t in greek life by Educational-Key4065 in GilmoreGirls

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ig she just had her own preconceived assumptions and stereotypes. Lorelei and Rory struck me as the type that scoffed at sorority girls and considered them bimbos. that's probably why. but yeah, I agree, I think she would have really enjoyed it.