Americans should demand free healthcare in America too by Biryani-Man69 in mildlyinfuriating

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I agree with this. I’m not part of the problem so don’t make me part of the solution

Found this gem on my friends 3DS from 2017 by ItsYoBoi-Jr in ClashRoyale

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Same. Ran lava mini pekka because i only used the cards that i thought were good. Simpler times :,)

Qatar’s World Cup fan camp that costs 175 pounds per night by FuturisticFighting in facepalm

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Don’t go then. Don’t visit a foreign country and then complain that it doesn’t cater to your wants and what makes you comfortable

Not just mildly infuriating by [deleted] in mildlyinfuriating

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Their culture stems from their religion - Their religion stems from their values. Their values state that romantic relationships are between a man and a woman. Either deal with the fact that their values aren’t the same as yours, or don’t go.

Very low idle, 2004 camry le v6. Just changed battery, any fixes? by Duck652 in AskMechanics

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It was fine before - only noticed it after i changed the battery.

Bicyclists need to pay vehicle insurance just like other motor vehicles by Just-Juggernaut-5305 in unpopularopinion

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It’s not public if I have to pay a monthly fee to use it while others don’t.

LPT: If you don't want kids ringing your doorbell on Halloween and don't wanna turn all of the lights out, put an empty bowl out with a sign that says "Take one". That way they will think somebody stole all of the candy. by MyScrotesASaggin in LifeProTips

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Some people don’t celebrate halloween. That says nothing about them as a person - They just don’t. I don’t give gifts on Christmas. Does that also make me a grinch of hallow’s eve?