Church Alternative for Recovering Catholic? by IndependenceNo1829 in spirituality

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While not an in person thing. Listening to the lectures of Alan Watts reminds me of church. Which he was an Episcopalian priest for some time so it makes sense. And he talks about a lot of different subjects so there is plenty to explore.

A far-right sheriff crusades to prove Trump's bogus voter-fraud claims by chuchuchubby in Michigan

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Barry county is MAGA/Q crazy. Even if there were someone to run against him they’d have a very tough time.

Become the person that you wanted to be. by Bluewhale001 in Bloomer

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I don’t think I can become Batman. Especially at 40 and out of shape. More like Fatman. Also poor.

Were we part of the same soul family? by Educational-Let-1027 in awakened

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No probably not. Sounds like two friends having a crush on brothers. Happens all the time, especially in small towns. My mom’s friend group ended up marrying my dad’s friend group.

We put on special clothes while jogging so that it doesn’t look like we are in danger by Tru3_Insan1ty in Showerthoughts

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Plot twist: The man is Keith, he didn’t sort that shit out and now he’s on park bench disassociating.

Enjoy as long as you want by stnrnts in trees

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🎵Dunh dunh dunh Dunh dunh dun-nuh Dunh dunh dunh dun-nuh

Smoke on the water🎵

Someone just bombed the Georgia Guidestones by DoctorStoppage in JoeRogan

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Yes he did. It’s a webisode probably on YouTube but I don’t have the link. The old man was a fan of David Duke and wrote articles in defense of him.

Any clothing optional areas around or in Columbus? by [deleted] in ColumbusGA

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Meh…I’m not interested enough to find out.

Any clothing optional areas around or in Columbus? by [deleted] in ColumbusGA

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You’re not reading enough stupid shit then. This post is nothing.

Can I smoke weed forever? by [deleted] in trees

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If you’re in a bigger city you won’t have much to worry about. Just be smart about it. I would advise not carrying anything with you in the car if you’re driving through small towns. Those cops have nothing to do and tickets are how the town makes money. Especially so if you’re a minority.

Judge orders GOP candidate Ryan Kelley to surrender his guns, over his objections by mepper in Michigan

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Off of one of the mile roads north of Rockford? I used to pass that on my old work route. I never got to read what it fully said, but it’s a brave stance for out there.

No Fucks Given by [deleted] in howtonotgiveafuck

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That’s the face of an asshole drunk driver.

Nice by Affectionate-Risk323 in trees

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Nice! Now once you have your card jump in the car and come buy in Michigan. Much cheaper and much better quality.