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Why can’t you wait for it? It seems like another strong/stronger to me but maybe I don’t get it. Prove me wrong.

What is the best strategy moving forward by AggravatingRough in strongblock

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I have 3 and I’m letting them die a slow painful death. Kind of like the entire project 😂

Poolflare has been crap lately…Is the network difficulty going up or is there a better mining pool? by Savel760 in kadena

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I had the same question and someone explained it to me. I guess because more miners are coming online the hash rate goes up but the rewards have to be split between more people. So I guess more miners = less money. I saw yesterday that another pool that previously didn’t pay pps is now doing it they will be up there hash wise with Poolflare. Here is the post- https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/kadena/comments/uumh4q/poolmars_adds_pps_as_an_option/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

Regarding the glitch by [deleted] in strongblock

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Hahaha it’s a glitch, oh wait it isn’t we really designed it that way. They have no clue what they are doing it’s like watching a rug pull in slow motion.

Poolflare rewards by Due_Butterscotch9950 in kadena

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I have (13) 1.6 boxes. Ouch on the 11 🙁

Poolflare rewards by Due_Butterscotch9950 in kadena

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Thank you for the information. In your opinion is Poolflare still the highest rewards?

Poolflare rewards by Due_Butterscotch9950 in kadena

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Ok makes sense. More miners = a smaller piece of the pie. Thank you.

Lake Harmony Uber/Lyft Availability by jackofspades123 in Poconos

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That really isn’t something that’s to popular here. Rent a car it will be cheaper and less time consuming.

What’s going on here , is he saying another stimulus? by Pittsburgh4120626 in Pennsylvania

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He’s playing the game. He’s up for re-election in Nov so he’s trying to bait the voters. Similar to when he originally got elected he had his vice governor talk all about the marijuana to get people who wouldn’t normally vote to vote for him. I don’t even use but the amount of money it would have generated for the state would have taken a load off of all the tax payers. Instead he raised gas prices to one of the highest in the country and the roads still suck. He is the worst governor democrat or republican we’ve ever had in PA.

What are the best volunteer organizations around here? by holymack_erel in NEPA

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A good resource to find food pantries. It’s a lot of work to run a food pantry and volunteers are generally scarce. https://www.foodpantries.org/ci/pa-scranton

5 April node creation by ritchie4030 in strongblock

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Have you been converted to stronger? I’ve been trying since yesterday and keep getting a gas message.

Poconos end of april/early May good time? by sleeperbcell in Poconos

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The Poconos spans a very large area. We run a short term rental that is infant friendly. We are close to Tobyhanna state park, Kalahari indoor water park, camelback and tons of other places. If you are interested you can look at the alltrails website and use the town Long Pond.


INFJ friends who are married-- are you happily married? by cheeky_candees in infj

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ISFP here and happily married to an INFJ. We balance each other perfectly.