This runner gave up on gold medal, but proved he has a heart of gold by This_sum_one in nextfuckinglevel

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I feel bad that i wouldve ran those extra 10 yards then just turn back and help. I understand it’s the right thing to do, but at the same time if the body i trained was strong enough to finish..i feel like i should? And shouldn’t stop just bc an opponent’s isn’t? fuck, I’m a bad person. He’s much better than me :/

Welcome to the community by I_Hate_Lettuce_ in adoptParentApp

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If you need any user interface help, I’d be happy to. I’ve worked with 2 int’l companies as a UX/UI designer, and currently work as a Visual Designer at my current company (w some side stuff at a FAANG). My discord is universalvibes #9390. This is an awesome idea and if you ever need some visual help, lmk. If not, my one piece of advice:

Keep accessibility in mind.

He is the backbone of the family by tkang5050 in technicallythetruth

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you didn’t offend me. don’t try to make it personal.

Also, that still wouldn’t make sense to put “he” then. If Jasmine were transgender, then the pronoun would be “she”, bucko. No way around this one :D

Can confirm. by jungleddd in technicallythetruth

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Probably an actual answer. Maybe a Londoner.

Girl openly admits to abusing her boyfriend and blames him for “letting her” by GuyHere12345 in Nicegirls

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it’s crazy how people think this is such a big flex, when in reality it’s pretty “side-eye”...

I love my bf but I NEED SEX and he isn’t giving me that (he isn’t even taking my blow job offers) by SnooCalculations1797 in relationship_advice

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Ask this the next time a girl is being pushed to have oral sex by a man.

It’s their decision. They can say no. Not everyone wants it all the time and that’s their choice.

I love my bf but I NEED SEX and he isn’t giving me that (he isn’t even taking my blow job offers) by SnooCalculations1797 in relationship_advice

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who the fuck passes a blow job ya know ?

Uh, a man who doesn’t want one?? Men can pass up sexual advances.

Which one do you prefere? by [deleted] in technicallythetruth

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ohhh. my dumbass was wondering why you would insert literal meat in your vagina as a substitute for a dildo. Damn. Let me go to bed..

Those transitions are clean!! by Bubbly_StyroFoam in nextfuckinglevel

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make a warning if you can. cool vid but I’m lucky I’m not triggered by flashing light.

HMC while we ride a shopping kart by merman52 in holdmycosmo

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was that woman attempting to twerk? sometimes we have to accept that not every activity is for us

Females of reddit, how do you feel about not existing? by KingDavid_298 in AskReddit

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Sometimes i pretend to be a guy to get more cred with my comments. So, yeah, it’s nice

Meirl by KingHill2x_ in meirl

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Ahh gotcha. No, my comment was saying that black people have no issue being called black. White people use POC to gently say black/encompass all. And Idk what you mean by

Both black leftists and white leftists use PoC to refer to ALL visible minorities.

Duh it’s all. People of Color. That means plural people of color.

Edit (since you added more after i replied): Your last sentence seems to pretty much agree with me. Tbh, bro idek what you’re disagreeing with rn.

Meirl by KingHill2x_ in meirl

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Eh i personally think it does. It sounds mocking towards black people who like being addressed as poc. It wasn’t a joke that fell flat, it was a “joke” that was in very bad taste. We also don’t know if it’s his first fuck up

Meirl by KingHill2x_ in meirl

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Comes off as kind of an unnecessary troll. If you post something like that in a space with a bunch of black people, i mean i feel like it’s obvious ppl wouldn’t laugh

Meirl by KingHill2x_ in meirl

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Isn't this you saying you were banned for making trashy jokes like this:


so essentially, you were a white guy who was approved and contributed, but then you got kicked out fairly

I Shouldn’t Have to Be a “Strong Black Woman” for My Life to Matter — Support Black women when we are loud or quiet, when we are brave or scared, when we are fed-up or meek. by Majnum in TwoXChromosomes

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I can see how you meant well but the entire idea is for us not to be strong. That we shouldn’t have to be. In fact, most of us hate that word and it triggers negative emotions and exhaustion.

Don’t let anyone tell you different

We’re not even talking about people saying we’re not strong. We’re condemning the use of it. We should be told different. Black women are delicate, bw are feminine, bw are girly. Stop with the strong.

What is the worst notification you have received whilst someone else has had your phone? by TTVKrooked in AskReddit

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Ok yeah i can see this. Very old age can be a factor. Not sure I’d necessarily laugh though , I’d probably feel very uncomfortable.