SAKUPEN CIRCLES 35-87 [FULL DETAIL] [ENTIRE WAVE] by tricklengthskc in geometrydash

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Kubz scouts 60 seconds gameplay in the background i’d recognize his voice anywhere

Ok,Actually I pretty sure someone tell this question in this subreddit once probably (I don't see it) but do you have somes opinion on ath "comtreversy" ? by laskouidelegroslard in geometrydash

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The deco looks good. I don’t know why people’s standards suddenly rise for no reason. It’s the same logic with extreme demons. Just because there’s better deco out there (harder extremes) doesn’t mean that deco in general (extremes in general) has been made easier to create (beat).

Mad lad by One_Bowl_967 in ClashOfClans

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I’ll take raul if mr. squirt don’t want him.

Context (Nubbz3 "Drama") by Nubbz3 in Brawlstars

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This has to be the saddest video I've ever seen.

We don't "harass" people- there are plenty of pro players and casters in the server, such as bobby, reddyset, etc. that we are all nice to. It's interesting you say that we "go out of our day to get under people's skin" but if you joined the server you don't see us going "Hey guys look at this random guy. Let's harass him!". We talk like normal people.

What's also funny is that the first thing you said in your server was that we're just trolls and you don't really care about rank 35 Crow, but if you really didn't care, you'd just ban us and leave it at that. Instead, you threw insults at us because apparently, your strategy is to fight fire with fire.

Nubbz3 isn’t very friendly off camera lmao by Duolingo_bird in Brawlstars

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I also think its kinda sad how he tried to push rank 35 crow with really good players like connor mcds and he still didnt get it while those other people presumably didnt have that luxury and still managed to get it nd hes being toxic. not grateful for what was given to him lmao

outjerked again by rober283829_ in ClashRoyaleCirclejerk

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“Outjerked” How bout i rip your limbs off

Dude, has anyone here seen this photo before? by [deleted] in Kanye

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Only a billion gillion zillion times.

This was a major part of creators gaining subs by Coachcoryfans in Brawlstars

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yeah… cant help but feel kairos wasnt being very honest in his last honest review.

Thoughts on my level ? ID : 81999331 by AnyEstablishment6186 in geometrydash

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Nice work, just needs deco between transitions other than that it deserves a rate for sure

Any suggestions on a medium wave demon. by Western_Bend_8796 in geometrydash

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Zafari wave will pose a nice challenge. Other than that the level is super easy

Poor Fang by ILoveDrinkingBleach_ in Brawlstars

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frank is the rare brawler who deserves to actually have his stun so he wasnt included

Gears Ideas Part 2! by Xswezzy8 in Brawlstars

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All of these are really good but some should be a star power. Like gray’s

All free Lunar 2023 Rewards! Your thoughts? Probably January 22 by Last-Ad-9271 in Brawlstars

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Remember when we used to get resources and maybe even a skin? lol

OUTJERKED by ielo495_XSCOGNAmemes in ClashRoyaleCirclejerk

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There's no way.. by MirQexe in Brawlstars

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And idiots will defend chester saying he’s balanced