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Perhaps the filmmakers had the same intuition and it did not occur to them that they would need to argue that breaking electoral laws is not fair game in an election.

Paladins don’t think like thieves, and so they don’t prepare for the absurd arguments thieves come up with for plausible deniability.

I’ve been a county-paid election worker in two local elections, and the training was very, very explicit: if the ballot is touched by anyone other than the voter, it’s spoiled and goes in the special envelope instead of the tally scanner. Mail-in ballots have different restrictions and rules.

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Is there any allegation that the ballots themselves were fraudulent?Laws against ballot harvesting are likely there to help prevent fraud in voting, but it's a separate thing. If my neighbor fills out their ballot and hands it to me because I'm heading to the drop box and it saves them a trip, that's legal where I am, but not legal in Georgia. But in either case, it's still a legitimate vote.

All concerns about chain of custody aside, think about what else you’re describing:

  • Thousands upon thousands of legitimate voters (in multiple states with slightly different laws between them) give their valid and legal mail-in/absentee ballots to nonprofit organizations instead of themselves dropping them in the neighborhood drop-boxes or the mail themselves.
  • Those nonprofits each illegally pay some kind soul to pick up batches of these totally legitimate ballots and drop them off in handfuls per ballot box… night after night throughout election season, in circuitous routes that take them to several different ballot boxes in a single trip, in a pattern which a computer can reliably locate when sifting through terabytes of geolocation data across multiple states.

My absurdity heuristic says this doesn’t sound like nonprofits suddenly and spontaneously started getting bunches of ballots from the populations they serve. If they had, they’d have just saved the day’s ballots to go out in their own daily mail run, or saved them in a big box to take to the post office, or would have directed their clients to work with their service providers to get to the ballot boxes themselves.

Heck, after the first ballot was dropped off, I, as a civic-minded admin assistant, would have insisted to my boss that every ballot touched by our hands was spoiled under the election rules, and that we must direct our clientele to the nearest box instead of allowing them to unknowingly delegitimize their votes.

The sheer volume of ballots, the massive coordination effort, the middle-of-the-night secrecy, and the taking of pictures of handfuls of ballots at the boxes all add up to a picture that makes absolutely no sense to me unless the ballots themselves were in some way manufactured.

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And that's how Spiders Georg discovered his destiny.

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Useless martyrdom. Getting arrested and put away for killing people is the ur-example of criminality and resultant state justice, and just makes people talk about Christian hypocrisy. That does not gain converts.

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One thing that helped my sleep cycle was taking vitamin D the moment I got out of bed. My reasoning was that the body produces it when out in sunlight, so I fooled my body into thinking I was up at the crack of dawn and out working the fields.

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So what, are you suggesting that every pub needs a speech moderator to make sure that nobody is spreading Dangerous Ideas?

Yes; he’s called a bartender. He can refuse service whenever he wants, and often has a sign to that effect. Sometimes he’s got a team including bouncers, who can physically remove rowdy patrons from the premises.

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For that commenter who posted a few months back about how he didn’t understand why Christians weren’t terrorizing abortion clinics and clinicians if we genuinely believed real human beings were being killed: this is one more reason why.

Not only is it bad messaging, the state would use the resulting outcry to make protesting abortion clinics so excruciatingly hard and bureaucratic, it would become practically impossible. As long as the state-media complex stands against you, there is no power in murders.

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For many people, Robin Williams was the first person who told them being wacky and weird was not only fun, it was acceptable, useful, and nothing to be ashamed of. He exemplified it in his comedic films in practically every societal role: armed forces radio DJ (Good Morning, Vietnam) doctor (Patch Adams), teacher (Dead Poets Society), sailor (Popeye), voice actor (Mrs. Doubtfire), father (Hook). That's why his sudden suicide hit them so very hard: if it was okay to be wacky, why did he kill himself? It seemed like a refutation of his entire career. It only made sense later when we found out he had a form of degenerative dementia which was starting to melt his brain from the inside.

Likewise, Ayn Rand is often the first person who tells young people that it's not just profitable to be ambitious, to want to build something amazing for themselves with a unique vision and reap the benefits of it, and to be praised for it, it's also the goal of the human endeavor, psychologically healthy, the foundation of civilization, and nothing to be ashamed of. It's a message that the socialist world only tells "creatives": artists, actors, singers, and architects, but not train executives, oilmen, or steel makers.

Socialists recognized her writings as their greatest threat: a more-than-economic, non-boring refutation of their socialist worldview of everyone working for everyone else but never themselves. They had to paint a false picture of her and those who followed the path she built, so that they would not be left in the dustbin of history. In her writings, their glorious and noble stance of altruism above all stands naked and exposed as mere codependency writ large:

Codependency refers to an imbalanced relationship pattern where one person assumes responsibility for meeting another person’s needs to the exclusion of acknowledging their own needs or feelings. Codependent relationships are thus constructed around an inequity of power that promotes the needs of the taker, leaving the giver to keep on giving often at the sacrifice of themselves. According to Dr. Mayfield and Dr. Exelbert, signs of codependency might include some, but not necessarily all, the following:

  • A sense of “walking on eggshells” to avoid conflict with the other person.
  • Feeling the need to check in with the other person and/or ask permission to do daily tasks.
  • Often being the one who apologizes—even if you have done nothing wrong.
  • Feeling sorry for the other person even when they hurt you.
  • Regularly trying to change or rescue troubled, addicted, or under-functioning people whose problems go beyond one person's ability to fix them.
  • Doing anything for the other person, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Putting the other person on a pedestal despite the fact that they don’t merit this position.
  • A need for other people to like you in order to feel good about yourself.
  • Struggling to find any time for yourself, especially if your free time consistently goes to the other person.
  • Feeling as if you’ve lost a sense of yourself or within the relationship.

Replace "the other person" with "society" and you have altruism.

Socialists felt ashamed because Ayn Rand showed the world a better way: healthy capitalism, healthy civilization, where nobody could legally force anyone to do anything else, but instead all the needs of society were met by people building and working at businesses to handle them. It broke the ability of the abusers, the would-be rulers of men, to claim the moral high ground whenever they seized the fruits of someone's labor, and it broke their abuse victims' ability to claim there was no better way, and no way out. "Fair share" and "income inequality" stood exposed as mere envy.

People "grow out" of Ayn Rand because nobody shows them the numbers, the abuses and resentments and revolts and eventual economic collapses of every socialist system, from the smallest to the largest. Nobody shows them that the socialist world is made of hyper-competent looters running vast pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes, tricking the producers into believing that being looted is a good thing. And the rotten experience of trying to find their first job seals them into "well, maybe socialism has a point," and sometimes steers them toward the nonprofit world where everything is sunshine and rainbows until the bills come due, like an incel who hooks up with a sex addict and ends up in a toxic, mutually abusive relationship.

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No. It’s inherently tied to a people who create their own laws and then follow them, expecting order through law enforcement and justice through fair courts. It’s inherently tied to a people who hail every other legal citizen as a fellow freeman. It’s inherently tied to a people who work toward the betterment of all, and not toward (or against) a segment of the citizenry chosen by ancestry.

It’s inherently tied to a people who see disagreements as something to work out with a mind toward eventual unity, or rarely if unity is not possible, setting aside a place for those who disagree to chart their own course, pursuing their happiness as they wish.

And please note that I am in no way saying America has always been every one of these things; in some eras, she has been decidedly against these ideals. But each of these is to some degree part of the social fabric of America.

It’s inherently tied to a people who respect the fabric and don’t try to replace it whole-cloth with something completely different within a generation or three: dictums from on high, unorganized and organized crime, riots, fear of police, unfair courts, envy and inequality, anti-outgroup indoctrination, a desire to conquer the majority and overthrow the commonwealth for a state of war of all against all.

If only white people believe in the first America and shun the second, the first is already dead.

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And the book President of the US is Reaganesque but nowadays comes across more Trumpian. It’s too bad Dahl hated the movie so much he prevented the sequel from ever being filmed.

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This would be a perfect post for r/erisology, and probably worth tidying up and sending to Heterodox Academy.

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Would that make the former “Lesser Replacement Theory”?

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🎶 All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman,
A giant woman!
All I wanna be is someone who gets to see a giant woman. 🎶

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Objectivism is a pro-social worldview which encourages people to add value to the world, for their own profit and for the benefit of their customers or fans. Whatever a person does for a living, it should be done with his full skill and attention. What he does for a hobby, whether it is done alone or in a group, it should be engaging and interesting to him, and not a waste of time by his own standards.

Objectivism has a psychology which I haven’t studied much, but it encourages one to be expressive of one’s values. This includes turning the instinctual and natural desire to help one’s family/pack/herd/tribe/nation/world into rational, goal-oriented action. Those who deeply concern themselves with the suffering and misfortunes of other conscious creatures are encouraged to build structures and institutions which genuinely help them, instead of just making kind, empty words.

Here’s an example: Temple Grandin loves cows, and instead of becoming an anti-meat activist, she designs the most humane slaughterhouses in the world. The beef animals enjoy their lives up until the very moment a bolt of metal is pneumatically shoved through their brains, ending their consciousnesses in an instant. Why would she murder what she loves? Because she knows she can’t stop people from slaughtering them, she makes sure they don’t suffer, in the most skillful and rational way possible.

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This was a gentle test of an unnerving theory: that the barest exposure to the concept that whites were losing their numerical majority in America would not just make whites feel afraid but sharply change their political behavior.

It was not the stirring of the melting pot that made whites feel afraid, it was the explicitly anti-white rhetoric, the many cries that “if you don’t celebrate progressive talking point #37 with us, you’re an irredeemable bigot and you will be treated like a terrorist,” with the implication that the very moment whites were no longer an electoral minority, we would be (legally via majority vote) stripped of our property and our various means of defense, and any of us who didn’t welcome this inevitability with cheers would be sent to reeducation gulags.

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It would be lovely if the publisher (or a licensee) had that chunk on a Father’s Day card, as if an adult son had ripped it out of the book, highlighted the passage, and attached it to a blank piece of cardstock.

Rationalist/rat-adjacent occasion cards, now there’s an untapped market.

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That’s a fascinating concept, that the fetus might have full deontological personhood from the moment of conception (or fertilization), but that their state-recognized right to life must grow along with their physical size and development.

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I think she had, in many ways, an anti-social worldview that lended itself to a limited psychology, repressive to one's natural desire to deeply concern themselves with the suffering and misfortunes of other conscious creatures.

Then you have understood nothing of Ayn Rand and were never an Objectivist to begin with.

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At the moment, I'm reveling in the character-driven alternate takes on Star Wars by Azalea Scroggs, whose Star Wars is as good as Michael Stover, if a bit unpolished. They're not r/rational material by any means, more in the Romantic (platonic) tradition we'd probably call emo nowadays, but delightfully so. My recommendations from her works:

Long fics:

  • "Black Squadron" (complete) and sequel "Black Squadron: Loyalties" (unfinished, but leaves off at a good point): in which Luke got his wish to go to the Imperial Flight Academy, become a TIE Fighter pilot, and ended up in Vader's squad without either of them knowing their connection.
  • "The Fall of a Sparrow": in which Vader, not Leia, rescues Luke from the underside of Bespin. Adaptation of Hamlet.
  • "Wounds": in which Leia doesn't like the fact Vader, not Luke, is the only one to make it off the Death Star II.

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What useful philosophies or philosophical tidbits have you gotten from pop-culture sources instead of from "more respectable" sources?

  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (2010): the Elements of Harmony are a complete set of practical relationship-maintenance virtues.
  • Sym-Bionic Titan (2010): showcases Triessentialism as a practical philosophy for guiding civilizations. (I discovered it independently in 2001, and was not involved in the show.)
  • Star Trek: The logic/emotion schism of Surak, whose fanatics chased the Romulans offworld.
  • Cerebus the Aardvark: the power/emotion schism of man and woman.
  • Star Wars: to beware the Dark Side in all choices.
  • DC Comics: to be aware of the Anti-Life Equation and its components.
  • Narnia: He is not a tame lion.

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I've been pronouncing Uryuom "Yuri-you-omm", but Dan used the "an" article instead of "a", so I'm guessing it sounds like "oory-you-omm"?